I was all giddy for TV this week, but I’m not as busy or excited as I thought I’d be!

Tuesday was pretty blah. I didn’t watch anything until 9 PM when Making the Band came on. My conflict for the night was at 10PM when the Rachel Zoe project and Law & Order: SVU came on. Not to mention that 10 PM is my workout timeslot for that day. So I had my DVD recorder set for SVU while my computer capped Rachel Zoe. Problem solved.

Yesterday I watched NOTHING! There was absolutely nothing on that I wanted to see. I’m not sure if that’s because shows I wanted to see weren’t back on TV yet or if that’s my “dead night”, but I was away from the TV.

Tonight, the only thing I’ll be watching is Ugly Betty. Then I’ll watch some college football and do my strength training workout. When Kath & Kim premieres in 2 weeks, I will absolutely be watching that. It looks hilarious! But because it airs at 8:30, that’ll be a show I record and watch at 9, after Ugly Betty goes off.

On Friday, I think I’ll stick with “What Not To Wear” until “The Starter Wife” starts on USA. I love me some Debra Messing, so no way I’m missing that. Friday has been a dead night for a long time. I kind of long for the old days of TGIF. Y’all know what I mean! Shows like “Family Matters”, “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”, “Perfect Strangers”, “Boy Meets World”, “Step by Step” and those classic ABC shows. Ahhh, the good ol’ days!