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Loving HiP’s Kohl Eyeliner (Updated)

I picked up this product ( first in navy, then later in black) and I think it’s a keeper!

I’ve never been able to successfully apply liner to my waterline with any product or method until this Kohl Eyeliner entered my life.

It was easy and painless too! I’ll update this post later with a little more detail.

ETA: I promised more to this post — because I was posting from my iPhone — and here it is! I watched some YouTube vids on how to apply this product. I hadn’t ever tried an eyeliner that was in powder form, so I was curious. In particular, I was intrigued by the “traditional” method, where you put the applicator on your waterline, close your eye, and pull the wand through. That’s what I wanted to try first.

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New HiP, Lash Blast Products

I went to the grocery store to pick up a commemorative copy/set of the inauguration issue of the Columbus Dispatch.

Naturally I had to walk by the makeup area and see what was up over there. While I wasn’t looking to buy anything, I did get one thing: Cover Girl’s Lash Blast Luxe. It’s new and claims to do all the things regular lash blast does plus add a shimmery effect. Sounds like their other newish product, Eyelights, but this one provides length and volume.

It wasn’t in the CG aisle. It had its own “new product” display which looks like so:

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