Now, if you made it here because you’re trying to impersonate a police officer and commit a crime I ask you to please go away. I don’t support that kind of tomfoolery!

Now, if you’re the prankster type and you’re looking to pull a fast one on friends and family, or shopping for Halloween already, then have I got a site for you!

But seriousy, if you’re really just looking for some quality clothing and gear that police happen to sport as well (only the finest for our country’s finest, right?) then you’ll want to check out

Father’s day is coming up and I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking my dad would love a pair of these 511 Tactical Shorts. He wears a lot of only ratty sweat pants. This would be a definite upgrade!

So take a look around. You may find something you like for you and yours!

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