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Utah Jazz Fans are Funny!

So, if you’re a basketball fan you know the LA Lakers are playing the Utah Jazz in the Western Conference semifinals of the NBA Playoffs. You probably also are aware of Lakers star Kobe Bryant’s very “interesting” photo spread for LA Times Magazine. If not, click here.

I don’t know what he was thinking, letting stylist James Valeri get him in those outfits, but what’s done is done. The blogosphere has been clowning the Black Mamba ever since the photos surfaced, and now Utah Jazz fans are piling on!

The pics of them trying to get into Kobe’s head during the Jazz home game tonight were hilarious!

Classic, even. I give them an “A” for effort. Too bad, for them, it didn’t work. Lakers won and lead the series 3-0.

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Best Part of the Cavs/Lakers Game

I know I tweeted the hell out of my followers on Thursday from the Cavs/Lakers game in Cleveland, but there was one point in the game where I thought the place would explode. And no, it wasn’t when they showed Lil’ Wayne on the jumbotron.

It was very late in the game, with about 24 seconds left in the 4th quarter. Cavs were up 2 points and coming back from a TV time out. The sound guy put on the Eminem verse from “Forever” — a song by Drake feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem, that appears on LeBron’s movie soundtrack — on the loudspeaker as the teams returned from the timeout. To say King James was fired up was an understatement. He was rapping along to the song and the crowd got on their feet! It was soooo loud! Very cool moment that made its way to YouTube:

Clearly, LeBron wins at life.

I do have a couple of pics I took during the game. They’re coming later…

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Yea, We’re Jinxes!

So, each year — for the past 5-6 — the family and I head up to Cleveland whenever the Lakers come to town. We generally get the “hook up” because my uncle is on the Lakers coaching staff; not to mention a former player!

And, every year, the Lakers lose. It never fails. It does not matter who is the better team, even though it’s always been the Lakers. They never win in Cleveland. Period.

Fast forward to this year and Sunday’s game. The Cavs actually stepped up their game this season and are among the elite in the league. As a result, this ticket was way more in demand than your average Lakers/Cavs game. My uncle tried to secure tickets for us, but wasn’t successful. Naturally, we were bummed, but not because we were going to miss the game. We only see said uncle once a year, and it’s usually at this game. We get the VIP treatment and get to meet up with him after the game, before the team boards the buses.

So, we don’t make the game in Cleveland and the Lakers finally win. Coincidence? I think not! We’re jinxes!

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Deflecting My Eyes From the Train Wreck

And by train wreck, I am referring to the Los Angeles Lakers. What a furstrating day to be a fan. Forget that, though. My uncle is on the coaching staff! He must have been banging his head against his clipboard tonight. I can’t even imagine!

I think I can safely say, after tonight’s meltdown, that he won’t be getting his 10th Championship ring this year. And I was so looking forward to it. So, to quote the Cleveland professional sports fanbase, “there’s always next year”. Bynum will be back to build on what was already a great team.

Now I shift my attention back to Ohio State, who is tearing up the recruiting scene. It’s only June and 17 stellar athletes have already given their verbal to the Buckeyes. Nice, huh?

Even nicer, is what’s coming up this weekend. A large chunk of the 2008 signees are reporting to Columbus to get an early start on practice, conditioning, and just getting acclimated to being a college student. (OSU’s summer quarter begins Monday).

Among those moving to C-Bus this weekend, is mega recruit Terrelle Pryor, whom I’ve already blogged about here before. I found the following video of him at the Steve Clarkson Super Seven QB Retreat, which did a great job of distracting me from that basketball team that blew a 24 point lead tonight. Go Bucks!

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It’s Lakers vs. Celtics!

When the playoffs started I openly stated that I wanted a throwback Lakers/Celtics final. I wasn’t certain it would pan out that way, but it has! I had all the faith in the world in the Lakers, but I wasn’t sure if the Celtics could pull it out. They dominated during the season, but the playoffs are a different beast.

Watching the Eastern Conference Finals, I was torn. On one hand I wanted the Celtics to win because that would make for a super entertaining final. The Spurs are good. We get it. But they’re so boring and make for low ratings. But I was also pulling for the Pistons because I knew I’d be able to drive up to Detroit and see some games with the ‘fam. So my motivation there was purely selfish.

So, now that it’s set, I’m picking the Lakers. And that’s not because I want my uncle to get his 10th NBA Championship ring. Yea, he’s pretty much a big deal. He’s been coaching with Phil for a long time, plus he as a ring from when he played for the Lakers, too. The Lakers are just on fire. They’ve come into their own this post-season and I don’t think the Celtics can take them. Hopefully my prediction comes to frution, because I want some new Lakers Championship swag for my collection!

The finals get underway next Thursday in Boston. Bring it!

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