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Smoothly Transitioning Into Les Mills Pump

Les Mills Pump

A few days ago, I noted that I was going to start Les Mills Pump since I had just finished ChaLEAN Extreme. While both are strength/weight-lifting programs, they have very different approaches.

ChaLEAN Extreme focuses on a small number of reps, but with heavy weights. By contrast, Les Mills Pump uses lighter weights, and a ton of reps, using different counts. I’ve blogged before that my body seems to respond a little better to the high-rep programs, but both make we feel strong.

Five days into another round of Les Mills Pump, I can already feel the difference! For example, I was doing squats before (they’re a staple), but the switch in approach (using the barbell, and varied rep counts), really works the muscle in a different way. I can feel other muscles being worked down there, too! The same goes for some other exercises. I’m sore all over again!

But that’s what the body needs. Once it gets used to something, you need to shake things up! I like that I can switch to something else in my collection and start to feel immediate change. It’s also kicked my metabolism up another gear! I’ll take it!

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Finished ChaLEAN Extreme; Ready For Another Round of Les Mills Pump!

Les Mills Pump

I’ve made a strong effort to not have an end of summer fitness slump. In years past, I’ve seriously slacked off when the calendar turned to August. But since my first post on that issue, it’s not been a problem! And again, my key, is committing to a long program, with the workouts planned out for me. I tend to stick with those a lot more consistently than I do on an a la carte workout plan.

I feel really good about finishing yet another round of ChaLEAN Extreme. So much so that I decided to keep going with a strength training program to start the fall. I really liked Les Mills Pump after I finished it last year, so I’m going back for more! I still haven’t been able to talk myself into doing P90x. Maybe it’ll happen some day, but that day is not today.

On the program’s “walking” days, I’ll run (weather permitting) or do a TurboFire workout. And, of course, I’ll alter my schedule so that I don’t necessarily need to do a workout on the weekends. Because my weekends are for football, and it’ll be extremely hard to get me away from a TV, or parking lot, and get me to push play on any DVD. You gotta know your lifestyle and plan your workouts around it!

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I Don’t Know What Happened, But I Like It!


I’ve been posting new ‘From 5k to 10k’ Running Podcasts all Spring, but now I need to talk about my own running/training progress this year. Usually, I restart my Couch to 5k planning, from Week 1 or 2, and build up my endurance so that I’m good to run a 5k race sometime in August.

But, for some reason, things aren’t going according to plan and I’m totally ok with it! I really can’t pinpoint what I’ve done differently this year, as opposed to the past few years, but in May I was already running for 30 minutes straight.

Here’s what I think happened…

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Seeing Results With Les Mills Pump!

Les Mills Pump

NOTE: Keep in mind that I’m no longer a Beachbody Coach. Not that that affiliation ever really affected my reviews on any of their programs. Truth is, I’ve had great results with BB programs, and I’ll continue to suggest them to anyone who asks me for a recommendation.

So, I’m about a month into Beachbody’s home version of Body Pump, called Les Mills Pump, and I’m absolutely loving it! Usually, this time of year, I’m doing a hybrid version of ChaLEAN Extreme couples with c25k training and/or TurboFire. But then LMP was released and it peaked my interest.

In ChaLEAN Extreme, the emphasis is on lifting extremely heavy and slowly, but only for about 12 reps per exercise. Les Mills Pump focuses on using lighter weights, but you’re doing a ton of reps. The instructors frequently reference the “Rep Effect” which pushes your body to fatigue, increases your heart rate, and creates the change in your body.

It’s not a new concept. I have several Jari Love videos that are from the same school of thought. They just never really held my attention enough to do them regularly. (Also, like I’ve said before, I enjoy 90 day programs with a set schedule) But somehow, my body seems to really be responding to LMP. Moreso than the past year or 2 of ChaLEAN Extreme. I think that’s probably because it’s kind of used to the CE workouts and needed a new challenge. Regardless, I’m hooked!

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Spring Fitness Plans, Where Are You?

Do you have yours? I don’t!

Usually by this time of year, I’ve already decided on my plan for the year and am well on my way. But this year is different. I didn’t really take any time off, until the temperature spiked and hit 80. Then I was just outside enjoying myself and running. And yes, running is a workout, but it wasn’t planned.

I typically start ChaLEAN Extreme in March, and by April, replace the included cardio, with my own Couch to 5k training. And I did start CE at the beginning of March, but like I said, the warm weather threw me off!

So, what am I going to do? A friend started the new BeachBody Les Mills pump program last month and is absolutely raving about it. It’s a different concept than CE in that it’s about a ton of reps, and mixing up what I do can only help my fitness, right? So, I’m thinking of borrowing her DVDs and seeing if I’m into it. I always love a challenge! (See, I’m not a coach anymore and still allllll about the BeachBody products!)

But at the same time, I’ve still been thinking about an Extreme Body Workout like P90x. Remember I started it last year and promised I’d come back to it? And since then, P90x2 has even been released with just as big a buzz, from what I’ve read on 90 Day Review. Decisions!

Whatever I decide, I need to do so relatively quickly. I can’t stand when I’m not on a fitness routine! It creates a nice schedule and calmness in my life that I need! Plus, bathing suit season is drawing near, as well as sundress season. Even though I work out year round, I always ramp it up when the weather starts getting warmer!

What workouts are you doing these days? Anything new and cool? I’m always looking for a recommendation!

This is a guest post provided by Fitness Alliance

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