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My Revlon Lipstick Collection Is Complete!

It is done! I now have a nice collection of Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick now.

No, I didn’t go crazy and go buy 10 colors! I have 3 that are very practical for my skin color.

The first one I bought was Royal Raisin, which was a nice purpleish color. Next, I got the Superb Sangria, which may be the most “red” I’ve ever gone. It’s not bright red, by any stretch of the imagination, but sometimes feels like it as I tend to lean towards berries and plums. Finally, I picked up a shade from the “brown” group, Top Tier Truffle. It’s a nice subtle color that I can see myself wearing everyday.

I still like Brilliant Bordeaux, and toyed with getting it. But I opted for the Sangria shade instead. I’m happy with my decision. I like having a red lip option. I’ve never really had one before. This could be fun!

I’m content…that is until there’s another BOGO! 😉

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CVS BOGO 4 L’Oreal Lip Products

Stock up on L'Oreal Lip Products this week!

Stock up on L'Oreal Lip Products this week!

I thought I’d mention this because I saw it in the Sunday circular and will probably be picking up a couple of items myself.

I’ve previously mentioned that I’m a fan of L’Oreal’s Never Fail Lipstick. I also like the Never Fail Lip Color, Infallible Lip Gloss annnnddd the HiP Jelly Balms. Wow, it seems that L’Oreal owns me when it comes to lip products!

BOGO means I can get 2 for the price of one. And at CVS, if you don’t like a product, you can take it back and receive a refund no questions asked. That’s a good thing when dealing with lip color. You can’t always tell what you’re going to get just from looking at the packaging or test product.

And another thing! Why aren’t there tester products anymore? Do any drug stores still have those? CVS sure doesn’t and that’s my spot for cosmetics!

I think I’m gonna grab a couple of Infallible Lip Gloss tubes. I really like those. I want a “red” and a “berry” ish shade. I wish I could wear the lighter pink shades, but I am a woman of color and you know how that goes. I don’t want to look all crazy with pale pink lips that obvs don’t match my skin tone!

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Is This A Makeup Blog Now?

Seems like almost every other post I write here has to do with makeup. Am I becoming one of those girls?

Nah, not possible. I don’t wear a lot of makeup and the products I do use are to help me create a natural look. You’ll never see me with the full “MAC face” and/or bright red lips. That’s way too much for me. I’m more of a subtle girl with an accent here and there; usually my eyes.

Having said that, I picked up 2 compacts (BOGO is my friend) of L’Oreal’s Infallible Never Fail Lipstick. It’s similar to the Lipcolor that came out a while ago that was promoted mainly by Beyonce. That product was applied with the prototypical lipgloss wand, while the new product is a true lipstick. It still comes in that really cool duo with the reflective mirror case. L’Oreal knocked it out of the park with this packaging. Very clever!

I\'m a big fan of L\'Oreal\'s Never Fail Lipstick!

I'm a big fan of L'Oreal's Never Fail Lipstick!

So I bought a more “red” color and darker wine shade. I don’t use but a dab of either because I don’t want a dominating lipcolor. I don’t think it works well with my face, since I have full lips. I don’t want my mouth to overpower my face! I put a little of the red shade, Rose, before I went to church this morning. Then, after a few minutes, I applied the conditioning topcoat.

Since then I’ve had brunch, taken a nap, and eaten dinner. The topcoat is the shizz! My lips are still moisturized! I haven’t had to apply another layer, chapstick, lip balm, or anything since the initial application 12 hours ago. Because I didn’t use much color to begin with, most of it has worn off, but not all! There’s still a little bit of a color stain on my lips. I like it when I look like I’m not wearing much lip color.

So my final verdict is that I am very impressed to still see some color on my lips without dryness. I was worried about a longwear product making my lips dry out within a few hours. That didn’t happen at all. L’Oreal has done a great job with their new Infallible Never Fail Lipstick.

Go buy some! I’m not sure about other areas, but my local CVS is having a L’Oreal lip color BOGO beginning today. Prefect time to stock up!

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