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I Discovered A New Perfume!


I use the word “discover” quite liberally as I know I really didn’t discover anything. But if I haven’t smelled it before, it’s new to me, right?

Anyway, I was flipping through the Summer Fashion Issue of Harper’s Bazaar this afternoon. As is customary when I read fashion mags, I take a moment to sniff all the perfume inserts I can. Most of the time they’re entirely too strong for my liking, but I’m still curious enough about them.

TIP: Cut out those inserts and stick them in your sock and underwear drawers. I’ve been doing this for years and love it!

So, I took the 3-4 other samples and cast them aside, while I hung onto the one shining star from this issue, Chloe. It’s described as “a fresh and feminine fragrance with an utterly innate sense of chic.” That’s a lot of talk, but I agree with the “fresh” adjective. It smelled very light to me. I don’t like the heavy and overbearing scents. I don’t even wear perfume spray a lot. I usually stick to perfumed body wash and lotion, like I do with Calvin Klein’s Euphoria. However, I will still add this to my “Wish List” in the unlikely case that there’s a sale at Macy’s or something. You never know!

ETA: When I scored my super fab new handbag, at Marshall’s the other day, I saw a small size of Chloe available near the checkout line for $14.50. Should I take the plunge, it will be there and not Macy’s! Score!

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Columbus Ohio is Sexually Satisfied

So says Men’s Health Magazine. Personally, I wouldn’t know.

Men’s Health wants their readers to know the most sexually satisfying cities in the country. Overall, C-Bus is #2 behind Indianapolis; a city I also love.

How did they come to these bold conclusions? Well, they took most sex, Babeland Sales, Pure Romance Sales, Condom Sales, and Birth Rate into account. For reference “babeland sales” is defined as highest gross sales of products from Babeland. Yea, the hottie ratio.

If you’re looking for hot sex, stay away from Lexington, KY!

Check out the mag’s findings here.

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