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I Entered A Twitter Contest And Won!


Someone, please alert the media. Suz entered a contest and actually won! And it wasn’t something I didn’t want or a “free vacation that I can unlock if I give my SS number.”

I’m ecstatic! Seriously, I never win anything!

I’ve got the Milani Cosmetics account on my Makeup and Beauty Twitter list. I happened to browse at the right time yesterday to see there was a contest. I followed and entered. Then, right before bed I see that I’ve won! What did I win? All that’s in the picture above; 4 Color Statements Lipsticks and 1 Color Statement Lipliner. And it’s funny because I had been watching a lot of YouTube reviews on those lippies and was wanting to try them. Now, I get the opportunity to do so for free!

This is some really good news as I spent the majority of my late night feeling sad because my dear cat Puddles is probably days away from passing away. A much-needed pick me up indeed!

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I Found Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beauty Line!


I was just telling Facebook, the other day, that I was looking to check out Drew Barrymore’s new makeup line after having seen a lot of really positive reviews.

If you’re not familiar, Drew Barrymore launched a new makeup line, called Flower Beauty, which is being sold exclusively at Walmart. It’s not at every Walmart, though. The company proudly touts the fact that all products are Made in the USA and not tested on animals. The prices are comparable to what you’d pay for most drugstore brands, ranging from $4.98 to $13.98.

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Is Maybelline’s Coral Burst a dupe for NARS’ Taj Mahal?

Is Maybelline's Coral Burst a dupe for NARS' Taj Mahal? You be the judge!

I’ve been browsing some of my favorite beauty blogs and saw posts about Maybelline’s new Color Goes Electric Collection (Limited Edition for Fashion Week Spring 2013!) for Spring 2013. Having recently been obsessed with the Color Sensational Vivids lipsticks, I was surprised to see that the line includes a baked blush that I actually would buy/wear. A drugstore blush! I’m a NARS girl when it comes to blush. I need vibrant and super pigmented shades. Everything else I’ve tried has either not shown up or requires the patience of Job in order to build up enough color. I’m not about that life. Even my Bare Minerals blushes don’t really show up.

So, needless to say, when I see a bright orange blush at a drugstore, I take notice. I had to go a few places in order to track it down, but I eventually found it at Meijer.

I had done some searches on Twitter and someone wondered if Coral Burst could be a dupe for NARS’ Taj Mahal. I happen to have that blush. As a matter of fact, it was the first blush I ever bought and it is my holy grail. It’s close, but I’m not an expert on dupes, so I’ll let y’all decide.

I haven’t worn Coral Burst yet, so I can’t speak to its application of my face, but I swatched it on my fingers and the back of my hand. It takes more product to get the same amount of color as one swipe from NARS. That doesn’t surprise, because NARS pigment is serious, but it was still a much better color payoff than any other blush I had tried.

Take a look for yourself to see if you’d characterize Coral Burst as a dupe for Taj Mahal.

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I Need A Better Makeup Storage Solution


Behold my “main makeup drawer.” Its contents include almost all of my lip products (with the exception of all my Lip Butter collection and Revlon’s Lipstain pen marker thingies.) That means alllll my Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, Ultimate Liquid Lipcolors, Colorburst Lipsticks & glosses, and much more are housed in this drawer. It’s just one drawer from a set like this.

I just went through and also found some vintage lip products as well as a couple of eyeshadow palettes, liners, and brushes. Just so much stuff that I forgot a lot of it was even in there!

As I mentioned, the Lip Butters, and some other products aren’t in there. For some reason, I put them in the bathroom medicine cabinet with my foundations. No clue why, but that’s where they are. Most of my eye stuff (mascara’s, liners, shadows, brushes, and other accessories) make their home in an old school makeup/toiletry case, like this and this. I think they’re called train cases. In any case, it was my mom’s when she was young, and she gave it to me. It doesn’t have any drawers or separators, so everything is just piled in there. Not very efficient.

And then there’s my nail polish collection. I completely forgot about those! Man, I need a better solution! And preferably below $50. Or maybe just another set of drawers? In the meantime, I’m looking through the #makeuporganization and #makeupstorage tags on Instagram for inspiration.

Erin, from one of my favorite blogs, Scandalous Beauty, is going to use this solution from IKEA, but that’s far too pricey; especially considering I’m not a “beauty blogger” per se.

What storage system do y’all use? Do you like it? I’d love to hear what others use. It could help me figure this out. I have way more cosmetics products than I did just a couple of years ago.

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Bare Minerals Caught Me Today!


I’ve famously blogged about how I always tune in to QVC whenever they premiere new Bare Minerals products. And lately, they haven’t tempted me enough to get me to hit the purchase button… until today!

They got me!

In my last Bare Minerals post, I talked about how I’m most tempted by their brush sets on QVC, and that is exactly what I grabbed today. I get 4 quality brushes for less than $20. I just couldn’t resist! And the price during the 1-hour show was below $20. Now, if you want that set, it’s $25.

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