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I Am An Infomercial Junkie

Do Want!

Do Want!

I’m well aware that I have “sucka” stamped on my forehead. It’s obvious creators of infomercials know there are people like me, and they just keep rolling out product after product after product, knowing full well we have little self control. Billy Mays, I’m looking at you!

The latest product to catch my eye is SPINLASH, a mascara wand that rotates (with a little motor) as you apply it to your lashes. How cool!!

Apparently I can use my own mascara with this product, so I don’t necessarily have to change. I’d have to try it to find out, of course 😉 Some of the magazine reviews (located at the bottom of the SPINLASH website) indicate that it’s available at Target ($14.99ish). That would help me avoid that ridiculous $10 shipping and handling fee.

Go to the site, watch the video, and read the reviews! Then tell me you don’t want it too! Now remember, this is about wanting, not needing, as I obviously don’t need any more mascara-related stuff!

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We Have A Winner!

I touched on my search for a HG mascara in a previous post, and after a week of experiementation, Ibelieve that I have found something that works great for me.

Drumroll, please?

Cover Girl Lash Blast wins! Usually when a product gets a ton of positive reviews online, it piques my curiosity. Especilly when those raves can be found at MakeupAlley. So, I went out and bought a tube and put it into rotation with Maybelline’s Great Lash and L’Oreal’s Voluminous.

Lash Blast is my new mascara

Lash Blast is my new mascara

While, I liked the thickness of Great Lash and Voluminous, I found I could get the same effect from Lash Blast if I simply applied a couple of coats. But I never could get out of Great Lash and Voluminous was the same degree of separation and volume that Lash Blast gave me. Lash Blast also did not clump, while the other two did. Also, I have a few unruly lashes that, even after being curled, didn’t respond well to any mascara except Lash Blast. To back up my observations, I took pictures of my eyes each day.

All signs pointed to Lash Blast, so that is my new every day mascara. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a great mascara. I am not willing to splurge on the designer brands when Cover Girl gets it done!

ETA: I believe that I like the waterproof version better than the original. My lashes look better even after I wash the stuff off. And those uncooperative lashes that only Lash Blast worked on? They seemed to have straightened out over the past few days of only using Lash Blast. I have more and more positive things to say as I continue to wear this mascara. Go get a tube ASAP!

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