I’ve already written a post about how winter was killing me this time around. Yes, we all got spoiled last year with the unseasonably warm temps from December through March. We also knew we’d pay for last winter. There’s no way Mother Nature was going to let us get away with something so wonderful. She was simply messing with our heads and the “winter” we all know and loathe would return.

I was ready for that.

Actually, I was fine all winter, up until about 2 weeks ago. Usually when we get to March, the temperatures start inching up and stabilize in the forties and fifties. Not this year. It’s March 26th, and we had a 3 inch snowfall a day ago. It should be so warm now, that snow comes down as rain. Needless to say, I’m getting kind of impatient!

My Dad always tells me not to wish time away, and I’m trying! Lord knows I’m trying! But it’s so hard to not sit here and wish it were May or that I was basking in the glow of any one of the many amazing and available Miami Motels. Can you imagine? Opening your eyes every morning to warmth and sunshine? Going outside and not needing a heavy coat?

I actually get daily reminders, via Twitter, that our weather sucks. My dear friends, in warmer parts of the country, like to share pictures of sunshine and beaches and attach comments like “Heard it’s snowing in the Midwest…” Some friends, huh? I’ll keep all this in mind during hurricane season. Except I won’t be posting pictures to gloat. I’ll be expressing concern. Because that’s how I was raised, classy! 😛

I’m just playing around. But for real. Enjoy those quarter sized mosquitoes heading your way this summer, Florida! Love ya!