Could it be that the LA Sparks will get Candace Parker back in just a little over a month? To be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit!

Now, we all know new moms sometimes take some time to get back to their pre-baby form, but I don’t think that will be an issue with Candace. She was working out right up until the day before she gave birth. And let’s not forget that she’s a professional athlete.

Teammate Lisa Leslie, speaking from the team’s media day, said she believed that CP3 would be back in her Sparks uniform in “late June”.

It’s not the physical part of returning to work that I thought would delay Candace’s return. I simply thought that her connection to her daughter, not wanting to give up those precious moments of her new child’s life, would factor in and create a longer layoff. Perhaps they still are. We’ll see when she does come back or decides to speak about her new bundle of joy.

And still no name for baby Parker-Williams has been released to the public.