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My Top 5 VMA Moments


Even though it’s hilarious that MTV continues their annual charade that they actually care about music, I still tune in, with all my Twitter friends, and watch the hell out of their show. As I’ve previously shared, Awards shows, and major TV events in general, are better with Twitter.

When MTV started promoting this year’s show, and announcing performers, I was cautiously optimistic. What looks like a good lineup, on paper, doesn’t always come to fruition; especially when it comes to MTV. But, as the show grew closer, I got more and more excited, until I couldn’t take it anymore!

So, without further ado, here are my Top 5 moments.

5. Danity Kane (minus D. Woods) is back! They appeared on the pre-show and did an interview while looking absolutely fab! They announced their new single, “Rage,” would be out soon. Can’t wait!

4. Eminem announced his new album, MMLP2 (Marshall Mathers LP 2). It didn’t really happen at the show, but there was a Beats By Dre commercial with him in it. Whatever, I don’t care. Glad Em’s back! Album due November 5th, y’all!

3. Taylor Swift. You can usually keep most of her music, but she was shady and fun last night! Twitter was annoyed that the camera was on her so much during the show. I wasn’t. She looked like she was having a blast, dancing through all the performances and enjoying herself. MTV isn’t going to put people on TV who look like they aren’t having any fun and would rather be having a root canal (like Rihanna, at times). So if Taylor and Lady Gaga were getting every inch of their lives, it makes sense to put the camera on them, does it not? Also, when One Direction was on stage, accepting their award, MTV cut to Taylor and caught her being not-so-nice. It’s nice to see Miss Perfect aint so perfect!

2. The crowd and Twitter’s reaction to Miley Cyrus’ hot ass mess of a performance. I’ve been vocal that I’m not here for her recent image, and it seems I’m not alone. I had a great time making jokes and laughing at others who were also making jokes. That’s what I love about the Internet. They truly get me.

1. Justin Timberlake/NSYNC performance! JT owned the VMA’s. It was basically his concert, with an awards show taking place around it. Here for it!

Honorable Mention: Divergent movie’s first teaser trailer was released during the pre-show, by stars Shailene Woodley and Theo James. Watch it here.

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First Footage From ‘Divergent’ Movie!

I posted about one of my YA book/movie faves, The Mortal Instruments, yesterday. So, I thought I’d follow it up, today, by talking about the screen adaptation of Divergent, starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James, and based on the trilogy by Veronica Roth (whom I met last year). They finished filming a month ago, or so, and now the first footage is getting its premiere during the MTV Video Music Awards.

But the Divergent Facebook page and MTV wanted to give us a short sneak peek before the awards show and all my fangirl feels reignited. Oh, YA Gods, why do you tease me in these ways?!

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Could It Be? *NSYNC To Reunite at VMAs?


The rumor mill has been working at full capacity today with the news that 90s teen boyband *NSYNC may be reuniting for a performance at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards. And though we fans don’t want to get our hopes up, it’s hard not to when every media outlet has published a story, including BuzzFeed who lives to rile up fans! See this or this.

But step back and imagine how we long suffering fans feel. *NSYNC has been on “hiatus” for over 10 years! We still have Mr. Timberlake, but we miss all of the guys; especially with all these johnny-come-lately boy bands popping up that still can’t hold a candle to what *NSYNC has done. I mean, they can’t even dance! I need my boy bands to murder some choreography, at the very least! But I’ll let them cook. Y’all can have those boy bands. I want my *NSYNC!

Justin Timberlake is already scheduled to perform, so it could easily set up like Beyonce at the Super Bowl, where Destiny’s Child joined her on stage for an all-too-short medley of their hits. I’m here for something like that as long as that vintage choreography is included! *coughBYEBYEBYEcough*

So, I will approach this with a level of caution not often displayed around these parts. I have to protect my emotions. But, if all these reports end up being false, the media is going to get their butts handed to them by somebody…

Spoiler alert: IT’S GONNA BE ME!

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My New Fave Website?

Look what I just found!! Yea, it’s probably been around a while, with my luck, but I just found it and couldn’t be more excited!

I just watched the full music videos for Digital Underground’s “Humpty Dance”, The Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star”, and Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

I guess MTV decided that since they refuse to show videos on air, they can provide them online?

Remember this?

Whatever the case, check it out!


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