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Wanted: Naturalizer Jetson Shoe

Spring is in the air, even though I know we’re going to see more snow at some point. For that very reason, I’ve been enjoying my online browsing for warm weather clothing and footwear.

I checked out Naturalizer’s offerings tonight and found something that I’m convinced I must have…eventually.

Behold the Black Leather Jetson Shoe:

Do Want!

Love it!

My girl, Fergie, came out with her own shoe line recently, and while I adore some of the styles — specifically the Gladiator style — Naturalizer shoes are no-brainer. Every single pair of shoes or boots I’ve purchased from them has been oh-so-comfy on my feet. I could run a marathon in them; provided I could actually finish a marathon in the first place!

But anyway, I think this shoe fits my evolving style. When I was younger, I was all about the flip-flops. I still wear them, but they have their place. And contrary to what the youth of America thinks, they don’t go with everything! If I have a nice pair of shorts on and a cute tank, sandals are what should be worn; not flip-flops. I’ve noticed I don’t have very many pairs of nice sandals. It’s been either flip flops or flats for me in warm weather. I have a nice pair of wedge slingback espadrilles (from Naturalizer), but really, that’s about it!

I would hit up Target and Payless, but I kind of want my summer shoe collection to be stylish, long lasting and comfy at the same time. I may get a novelty pair or two from those retailers, but they won’t serve as an everyday pair of shoes.

So, I should be making some key additions this Spring and Summer. Just keep me away from DSW, because I’ve proven to have absolutely no self control when it comes to that store!

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Apologies to Naturalizer!

So I was complaining yesterday about how I had to drive to the other side of town in order to go to Naturalizer. It’s really not that far. It’s just that it used to be at the mall closest to me (The Mall at Tuttle Crossing) before moving to Polaris. Tuttle is about 10 minutes away, while I’d say Polaris is about 20-25. It’s not that bad, but I’m a lazy mofo!

Anyway, before I went yesterday, I decided to look up the store and call ahead to make sure they had my size. Well, upon looking up my location, I saw that the Polaris location was the only one IN THE ENTIRE STATE OF OHIO! So basically I complain about less than a half hour, when others in the state have much further to go if they actually want to visit the store. Puts things in perspective.

However, I am glad I called ahead because they didn’t have my size. I would have been salty had I driven over there to find out they didn’t have my size! So what I did was order the next half size up online. They have a free shipping promo running right now and if they don’t fit, I can return them to the Polaris store and not be charged a return fee. Win-win? We’ll see!

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Thursday Ramblings

Have y’all seen Britney’s new video for “Circus”? It’s fantastic! Old Britney is back! This song and video is 502976207620957 times better than “Womanizer”, so I am wondering why the eff this wasn’t the lead single. But then again, we are dealing with JIVE Records…

I found a really cute pair of shoes from Naturalizer. They’re on sale and my mom gave me a 20% off coupon. I was psyched because their website is offering free shipping on all orders! YESSSSS! Well, that’s until I saw that my size is only available in W. My feet are pretty narrow, so no way in hell will a wide shoe work for me. So I have to drive all the way out to Polaris in order get my shoe. BOOOOO! Polaris, while a fine mall, is the furthest from me and I’m lazy damnit! Oh well. ‘Tis the price we pay for fashion!

I’m one gift away from being finished Xmas shopping for my family. I just figured out what to buy my brother, so I’ll be ordering that tomorrow or Saturday. Then, unless I find another amazing deal, I’m done!

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