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‘Undercovers’ Isn’t Dead Yet!

Just last week, I was writing about how NBC had started ordering full-season pickups for some of its shows, but not others. My concern was that a show that I’ve grown attached to, Undercovers, wasn’t on those early approval lists.

Some good news comes from, once again, Michael Ausiello.

NBC has given a full-season pickup to rookie action drama Chase. Additionally, the net has ordered four more Undercovers scripts. Undercovers, meanwhile, continues to struggle on Wednesdays at 8. NBC, however, is happy with the show creatively—as well it should be.

Now my optimism is tempered a little because 4 more episodes is not a full-season pickup, but it’s better than nothing, right? And that NBC is “happy” definitely helps. *crosses fingers*

The plots are getting better, even though it’s taking a while for us to get back stories on the characters. I hope more people start to tune in with me because it would be a travesty for this show to get cancelled. You know black folk regularly don’t get lead roles in major network prime time TV shows.

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NBC Is Temporarily Out Of My Dog House

A few weeks ago, I was giving the head honchos over at NBC the stink eye. They had been talking all sorts of nonsense about “moving forward” with or without the two stars of Law & Order: SVU, Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay.

Then I thought, NBC can’t be that dumb, can they? SVU is their number one rated show. Did they really think they’d continue to get those same ratings with different lead actors? Because those of us who actually watch every week knew they wouldn’t.

Well, it pleases me to share with all of you that it looks like replacing Benson and Stable is no longer a possibility. The contract dispute seems to have worked itself out. Translation: NBC must have seen the light and realized that they needed to cave to whatever their stars’ demands were, in order for them to stay on.

TV Guide Magazine reports the following:

A new deal is in the works to bring Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni back to Law & Order SVU for an eleventh season. Hargitay flew to L.A. last week to discuss the details with creator Dick Wolf, and the agreement is expected to be announced within the week.

Hallelujah, because I was going to have to choke a bitch if that worst case scenario came to fruition.

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