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How’d I Do On My 2012 New Year’s Resolution?

New Year's Resolution Fail

After having an extremely successful 2011 New Year’s Resolution, I decided to try it again in 2012. My results were not nearly as earth shattering, though!

Here’s what I was shooting for:

So, my Resolution is to get back into more “normal” hours, as I call them. Eventually I want to be waking up between 11 and noon. I know that’s still really late to most people (lol), but if I don’t have to be awake in the early AM hours, I’m not going to be!

My results? Welp, not much, y’all! In the past month, I’ve been going to bed earlier, but it’s not because I remembered there was a New Year’s Resolution to accomplish. I think I just started getting bored at night (no work related projects), so I just went to bed. What was a 4-4:30AM bedtime at the beginning of the year, has now turned into a 2:30AM bedtime. And the reason I was able to accomplish this was because WGN stopped showing South Park re-runs at 3:30AM. Those kids used to suck me in like none other! I know, very sad.

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2012 New Year’s Resolution

Last year, I publicly shared that my New Year’s resolution would be to read more. I bought a Nook Color in hopes that would help with my quest to increase my reading activities. Guess what? IT WORKED!

If you add a tech-y toy to just about any activity, I’ll probably be a little more interested in it. That’s the bait for me.

So, with that mission accomplished, I’m turning my attention to 2012 and something that can actually be attainable. It’s not practical to say your resolution is something HUGE, and then you fail and feel bad about yourself. After a few years of reasonable goals, you can start to up the ante. But to many people set themselves up for failure. I’d rather not set a New Year’s Resolution, than one so massive that I may not be able to accomplish it!

If you know me, you know I do freelance design. And since I can do that whenever I want (my own hours), I’ve tended to gravitate to “Vampire Hours”. That’s not so good. Because going to bed after 4AM usually means waking up in mid-afternoon. I know, I know. Terrible.

So, my Resolution is to get back into more “normal” hours, as I call them. Eventually I want to be waking up between 11 and noon. I know that’s still really late to most people (lol), but if I don’t have to be awake in the early AM hours, I’m not going to be!

The point is I’m going to do whatever I can to get into bed a little earlier each night until I’m able to get up at that target time. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, so why not now? Small life changes lead to more productivity and more (bigger) changes!

Here we goooooooo!

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Amazon Is In My Head!

Look what I just got in my inbox, courtesy of

It’s like they know that my New Year’s Resolution is to read more!

And while suggesting I get a new tech toy to help me along that path is a great idea (I was actually thinking the same thing!), I would totally rather have an iPad or even a Nook. Why can’t the iPad be $139?

But I am thinking about it…

Does anyone have a Kindle, iPad, or Nook? And if so, have you significantly increased how much you read with one of these devices?

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Last Day for Free Beachbody Coach Sign-Ups!

Beachbody lured me into the fold back in November when they started the free coach sign-up promo period. It was supposed to end on December 31st, but the wonderful Carl Diakler extended it one more week for those who may have been overwhelmed over the holidays, or those who had just set their New Year’s resolution and want to jump in early!

Well that all ends after today!

I’ve been asked a few times what Beachbody coaching really is. To be honest, to me, it’s just as much cheerleading as it is coaching! People automatically think “oh, personal trainer” or “oh, trying to sell me something”, but that’s not it at all!

I’m simply encouraging people to get fit and healthy. Now, often times it does mean I’m recommending Beachbody products, but that’s because I’ve done so many of their programs and LOVE THEM! Turbo Jam, ChaLEAN Extreme, Insanity, TurboFire, and now P90x! I’m a believer!

But, you also know that I provide training podcasts for running 5ks and soon, 8ks. I do that for free because it helps not only me, but also countless others. (Just read the comments on the podcasts page!) That’s not a part of Beachbody, and I share those! And remember my raves on Jillian Michaels videos?

Bottom line, if I think something is great, and works, I’m gonna talk about it! I was already talking about Beachbody products over a year before signing up for coaching. It was like, “you mean I can get paid for doing what I already was doing? Plus I get a deep discount?! SIGN ME UP!”

And now is the perfect time, even if you can’t sign up today when it’s free (it’s regularly one-time fee of $39.95). This is the time of year when people are gung-ho about getting back on track with their fitness. If you’re one of those people also embarking on that journey, why not join and cheer others along while you do the same? That’s a perfect set-up for a coach as you become a product of the product.

As you progress with your commitment, you share your story and inspire others who will also want to do what you do. Instant credibility! Your business will grow and you’ll start to bank some income on the side.

If this sounds good to you, then take advantage of this opportunity today and join me as a Beachbody coach. If you have questions, there are a million ways to contact me. (See sidebar “Find Me On”) I’m here to help!

If you have a few minutes, check out an informational video after the jump…

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My 2011 New Years Resolution: Read a Book!

Now that everyone’s hopefully fully recovered from New Year’s Eve, what’s the one thing most people focus on now? That’s right, the New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t usually make them because I have a hard time thinking of meaningful things to focus on. And when I do make one, it’s never been fitness-related.

The same holds true this year. Working out is just a part of my lifestyle and I don’t see that changing any time soon. My resolution for 2011 is simply to read more. I’m notorious for my general dislike of reading. I blame that on years of schooling where I associated it with “work” and subjects I didn’t really care to read about.

I’m wanting to get back into reading –like I was up until college — so that’s why I made this resolution. However, it’s not going to be anything off of Oprah’s Book Club list. I’m going to be reading self-help, fitness, autobiographies, and humor selections; things that interest me. Maybe, if this catches on, I’ll graduate to other types of books. I don’t want to think, mind you. I just want to be entertained and possibly learn a thing or two. Plus, any excuse to get a Kindle/Nook/iPad later down the line is welcomed 😉

What’s your New Year’s Resolution, if you have one?

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