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Not Impressed with Barnes & Noble’s Pre-Order Process

McKayla Maroney is not impressed with Nook

I got an assist from Olympic gymnast, McKayla Maroney for this post. As I’ve stated before, I’m not the biggest fan of how pre-orders go down in today’s marketplace. That was reinforced Monday night, as I had to wait over 9 hours for my pre-ordered book to finally download onto my Nook Color.

When books from Cassie Clare or Veronica Roth are released (at midnight), I immediately download them and start reading. My tradition is that I don’t even go to sleep those nights. I just keep reading until I finish and then I crash. Yes, I am a binge reader.

So a wrench was thrown into my plans when midnight came and went, Tuesday, and I didn’t have Allegiant on my Nook Color. I refreshed. I logged out. I turned my device off and back on. I did everything I could think of, but the book would not download.

After an hour, I was desperate. I was able to start reading it on my desktop computer, which is so unnatural. I want to be wrapped up in blankets, in my bed, so I can get lost in the story. But noooooooo!

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Barnes & Noble Trolling Its Customers

When I bought my Nook Color, I basically did so because, at the time, it was the only e-reader/tablet-ish product that had the color screen (and didn’t cost $500). I’m still very happy with it, and haven’t rooted it.

So far my experience has been great, and I’ve been reading more than I have in 10 years. But something happened, a few weeks ago, that gave me pause. The stock USB charging cable that came with my NC basically fell apart. Lately it had been looking like it wasn’t even plugged in properly. It was so loose. Then the sides started to fall off, and before I knew it, my Nook Color was dead and would not charge.

Grrrrrreat. This all happened right as the first teaser trailer for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones debuted and I suddenly wanted to read that book again. Of course, right?

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