Veronica Roth signed my books!

Remember last year when I announced my New Year’s Resolution was going to be reading more? I justified buying my Nook Color, Lula Mae, by saying it’d help me read more. Well, 2011 was slow, as I read 4 books, but that’s 4 more than I read in the past 5+ years combined! Baby steps, right?

Then 2012 came along — specifically The Hunger Games — and now I can’t stop reading! Since March, I’ve read 10 books! Yes, 10! And all of them have been read on my Nook Color! Success!

Something about the Hunger Games trilogy just sucked me in, completely. I was literally obsessed with all things Hunger Games. Still am, to a point! But then the Hunger Games fans recommended another series to me Divergent (It’s only 2/3 completed/released as of this posting). So, I devoured Divergent, and its sequel Insurgent. Fell in love again. I even drove to Cincinnati and met the author at a book signing. I can’t believe I went a book signing! Me! 2011 Suz could never have envisioned that this would have happened, but it has!