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Ohio Stadium Needs To Improve Their “Improved” Cellular Connectivity


Now, I know I said I was going to take some time off before I started blogging again, but dangit, I’ve got something to say!

I attended the opener of Ohio State’s 2013 season, on Saturday. There’s just something about sitting in 90 degree heat and 80% humidity, with 105,000 of my closest friends, that makes me look forward to this time of year. Nah, I’m a college football addict. I’d sit through just about anything to see my Buckeyes play!

And while I enjoyed myself at the game, I did come away with one huge gripe, and it wasn’t related to the weather or the team’s performance. It was how I had absolutely NO CELLULAR SIGNAL for the majority of the game! That’s simply unacceptable! And especially on the heels of Ohio State promoting their efforts to improve connectivity within and around the stadium. FAIL!

Now, most of the talk was around improvements provided by Verizon for their users. They set up 300 antennas, around the Horseshoe, that were the equivalent of eight cellular towers. However, the Verizon subscriber I was sitting next to, and another one I spoke with after the game, said they couldn’t even send text messages! If that’s what passes for improvement, I’d hate to see an announced setback! Ohio State should immediately demand a refund.

I didn’t expect my connection troubles to magically disappear for the first game. But I also didn’t expect expect things to be markedly worse than last year! Seriously, Verizon, get it together! How is Ohio State going to request fans, inside the stadium, tag tweets and Instagram photos with #TheShow (so they can show up on the big video board) if we can’t even connect to the Internet?

I understand that infrastructure adjustments take time, but don’t promote instant improvement if there indeed isn’t any. That’s all I’m saying. Do better.

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It’s March Madness Time!


It’s that time of year again! The time of year when we furiously fill out brackets and try to predict what wild and crazy ending will come from the NCAA Tournament!

I don’t know about anyone else, but this year has been absolutely crazy when it comes to college basketball. Last year, everyone knew Kentucky was the best and would likely win it all. This year, it truly is anyone’s game. Get hot at the right time, and your team could be hoisting that trophy!

We’re only one day in and there have already been some pretty big upsets, such as Harvard taking down #3 seed New Mexico and Oregon beating Oklahoma State, although that really wasn’t much of an upset since a lot of folks thought Oregon was seeded too low.

We’ve also seen some ridiculous blowouts! VCU took Akron behind the woodshed and left them there for the woodland animals. Syracuse did the same, dismissing Montana by 47 points. And Gonzaga narrowly escaped the first #16 seed upset of a #1 seed.

Personally, I like my Buckeyes’ chances again this year; especially for getting back to the Final Four. We shall see, though. You never know until the games are played!

Have you filled out any brackets? Who do you have going all the way?

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Thanks, Les Wexner! xoxo Buckeye Nation


A month and a half ago, I pleaded with Les Wexner, the head of Limited Brands (Victoria’s Secret) to expand the Victoria’s Secret Pink Collegiate line to include Ohio State. Since Mr. Wexner had recently stepped down from the Ohio State University Board of Trustees — which apparently provided a “conflict of interest” — he was now free to get ‘er done. And he has!

The Columbus Dispatch reported yesterday that Ohio State would be added to the Pink Collegiate line beginning today, December 11, 2012. Awwwwwwzyeah!

It’s such a fine line when it comes to women’s sports apparel. Most of the time, we’re either ignored (cool t-shirts only offered in Men’s sizes) or they stick some sequins on a tank and market it to us. Real women sports fans don’t need pretty colors or bling in order to wear items from a sports clothing line. Do we want it to look cute? Well, obviously! But that can be accomplished without frills, patterns, shiny things, and the actual color pink. I think Victoria’s Secret does this well. Their designs are simple, yet stylish. Yes, the price tag is steep, but what did you expect from VSPink?

Buckeye Ladies, and any men who want to get the female Buckeye in their life a little somethin’ somethin’, click here to check out the offerings. They’re available online and in select stores.

I’m trying to decide which piece I want first. Thanks, Les!

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Pictures: Ohio State’s “Celebration of Perfection”

You all know I’m obsessed with Ohio State Football. It’s not just a fall thing. It’s a year-round obsession. The kind that renders my fall Saturdays spoken for for 4 months out of the year. And for the remaining 8 months, I’m still all up on news about the team and recruiting. I simply can’t get enough!

So, after a turbulent year with an interim head coach, the Buckeyes hired Urban Meyer and he just lead the team to just its 6th undefeated season in history. Yea, there’s no bowl game, but I’d be willing to bet that by the second week of January there’s only one undefeated team in the country; and that’ll be the Buckeyes.

So, tonight, the school had a huge pep rally to celebrate the team going 12-0. The team, coaches, cheerleaders, marching band, the mayor of Columbus, and more came out to recognize what the team did!

Here are my pictures!

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Dear Les Wexner: Time to Turn VS PINK Scarlet & Gray!

VS PINK Collegiate Line

When Victoria’s Secret launched its PINK Collegiate line, 4 years ago, the young women of Central Ohio (the Worldwide Headquarters of this company) were shocked to see that The Ohio State University was not on the list of participating schools. This was also a bit surprising because the founder of Victoria’s Secret, Les Wexner, is an Ohio State grad and was a member of the school’s Board of Trustees.

At the time, we were given the following explanation, via The Columbus Dispatch:

“We wanted to be careful, because Mr. Wexner is a sitting member of the board of trustees,” said Rick Van Brimmer, director of trademarks and licensing for OSU. “As a state-supported school, we have to be cautious about conflict-of-interest issues.”

We collectively grumbled afterwards, but understood. We wouldn’t want anyone to get in trouble although it was hard to see the Buckeyes’ most hated rival, from that state up north, on the list of schools with custom collegiate PINK gear. Heck, the only Ohio school is the University of Cincinnati. Um, ok…

Four years later, and Les Wexner has now resigned from Ohio State’s Board of Trustees. So it seems that “conflict of interest” is no longer an issue, now is it?

All I can do is hope that somewhere along the chain of command, that this situation has been or will be revisited. Buckeye fans, in general, wear their OSU clothing with pride. On any given day, any time of the year, you will see the people of Central Ohio wearing Scarlet and Gray. I’ve had friends visit and they’re always shocked at how many people wear Buckeye themed clothing. I believe one even suggested that it was the official uniform of the city. I can’t argue! There is scarlet and gray everywhere you look, so finally making this line available to the company’s founding city would be a great business move, in my opinion.

So, Les, if you’re out there, please make this happen! We’re counting on you! GO BUCKS!

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