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‘The 2012 Circleville Pumpkin Show’ In Pictures

In my quest to attend more local-ish events (seriously, why didn’t I make this my New Year’s Resolution instead of going to bed earlier?), I recently went to the Circleville Pumpkin Show. Circleville is about 45 minutes or so outside of Columbus, so not too far. Think of it as a fair or carnival type setting where everything revolves around pumpkins. And the food? ALL PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! Seriously, it was spectacular! I used to go as a very young child, with my family, but my friend Shannen and I went this year and we were not disappointed!

So check out some of the sights from our trip. I ate pumpkin flavored foods until I could eats no more! And then I took a pumpkin brownie home for later! I will be going back next year for more!

My only gripe was that the show runs Wednesday through Saturday. That’s nice for the really local folks, but I just don’t understand why Sunday isn’t included. Folks who work during the week only have 1 day to try and visit. And if they’re obsessed with football (like I am), the trip will come after the game is over. Small window. Work with us. We live in the heart of Buckeye Nation. Just something to think about…

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Want to Try and See BalletMet’s Nutcracker This Year

I’ve mentioned, a time or two, that I’ve got a dancing background. To be specific, I’m referring to ballet. I broke my leg, at age 3, falling off a Radio Flyer wagon and had to rehab/re-learn how to walk. The doctors told my parents that I needed to do either gymnastics, ballet, or swimming, in order to make sure that I didn’t develop a limp later in life. I chose ballet, and danced, rather happily, for nearly 10 years at Columbus Ohio’s BalletMet.

I remember trying out for the Nutcracker, when I was a student there, and how exciting it all was! I never got selected for any parts (my mom has her own theory about why I never made the roster, but I won’t get into it. Let’s just say that politics played a part.)

Anywho, I’ve been wanting to catch a showing of the annual Nutcracker production for years now, and haven’t been able to make it! I’m not sure this year is the year for that, but I’m certainly going to try! If not, then definitely next year!

Here’s a snippet of this year’s production press release:

The quintessential holiday event, BalletMet Columbus presents The Nutcracker, Dec. 10-26, 2010 at the historic Ohio Theatre. The production is a special experience for both the young and the young at heart with exciting classical ballet performed by a talented cast of more than 100 professional Company and student dancers, larger-than-life characters, and recorded narration by Sir Roger Moore. Plus, this season’s production will feature new sets and costumes for Act I, the Columbus Symphony performing Tchaikovsky’s score live, and Hilliard Davidson Madrigals and the Bexley High School Vocal Ensemble singing in select performances. New sets have been designed and built for the Stahlbaum family’s holiday party. And 18 new Snowflake costumes have been constructed by the BalletMet Costume Shop for the snow scene at the end of Act I.

BalletMet’s The Nutcracker has enchanted generations in Central Ohio for more than 30 years and continues to be a centerpiece in Columbus’ holiday festivities. This season’s magical production, conceived by BalletMet Artistic Director Gerard Charles and theater artist Robert Post, features BalletMet’s 25 professional Company dancers, five trainees and 138 Dance Academy student dancers. The Company will present 15 public performances and three Morning at the Ballet shows for school groups. BalletMet will also tour the production to Syracuse, N.Y., for its second engagement with the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra.

Shoutout to the Hillard Davidson Madrigals 😉 – my old high school, even though I was an orchestra girl, not a choir girl. It’s all about the arts, baby!

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Local Jingle Ball Leaves Much to be Desired

I’d like to take you back. Way back. Back into time. Remember when radio station Jingle Balls used to be good? I’m talking really loaded lineups full of artists people were dying to see. And in cities other than LA & NY; they still get the headliners. Those days are long gone.

Look what local Columbus (OH) radio station WNCI is advertising for their Jingle Ball this year.

Yay? I remember traveling to Philly for one of these back in the day. I even attended one in St. Louis. With lineups like this, I’ll be staying home!


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Ohio Needs a Passenger Rail System!

I could be on one of these some day...The powers that be have been teasing us Ohioans with the promise of a passenger rail system, connecting the state’s 3 major cities (Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati) for a long time now. My mother talks about how the topic regularly came up 20 years ago!

I even blogged about this last year in one of my very first posts here. A little progress has been made, but not enough. I want more!

So what makes the recent discussions more plausible? Obama’s stimulus money that he has earmarked for transportation improvements. Governor Ted Strickland asked for $400 million of the $8 billion up for grabs, and I hope we get it!

There are always sporting events and/or concerts in Cincy or C-Town that I want to go to, but don’t always feel like driving too. No, it’s not a terrible drive; just 90 minutes to Cincy and 2 hours to Cleveland. But sometimes, you’d just like to ride and enjoy the trip instead of worrying about driving, getting gas, parking etc.

The proposed plan for Ohio means that once a rail system is in place, a one-way ticket to Cincinnati or Cleveland would cost me about $25. That’s what? Like half a tank of gas? Sounds good to me! And if all goes as planned, I could be headed to Cincy by train in early 2011.

So, I will try not to get my hopes up for this, but it seems like this could finally be happening for us. We need a passenger train here.

Links of interest? Ohio Rail Development Commision

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Why Is Our Heat Still Coming On?

I was catching up with a friend last night and she mentioned that she is none too pleased that her heat is still coming on. The midwest region’s weather has been unusually cool and wet compared to what we normally get this time of year.

I hadn’t really paid attention as my window has been open on and off for the past couple of weeks.

Then it happened.

Tonight, I noticed that the heater kicked on shortly after dinner. Say what?

The average temp for C-Bus is supposed to be 75ish. The high today was 63 and really windy. Cool enough that yours truly cannot wear flip flops without her toes getting chilly. That is unacceptable!

I know mother nature has been enjoying herself at our expense this year, but bitch needs to cut this shit out. It’s not funny!

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