I’ve got a Twitter list and an email folder, both named “Deals & Steals.” I’m always on the lookout for a good deal. Every little bit helps these days, right?

Lately, I stumbled across DealDash, which describes itself as a “Fair, Honest, Risk-Free Alternative to Penny Auctions.” They’re the longest operating online auction site of its kind in the United States. I’m sure you’ve seen TV ads for these type of companies. I know I have, but haven’t ever given them a shot.

Deal Dash has 300,000+ members who are free to take advantage of up to 95% savings on a wide range of items like Gift Cards, athletic equipment, and even technological toys like tablets and iPods.

How it works is that each bid you place costs 60 cents. Yup, that’s it! Each bid then increases the price of the items 1 cent. The auction clock restarts every time a bid is placed. However, if your bid it the last one, before the clock strikes zero, you win! And after scoring your shopping victory, you get free shipping! I know that’s a welcome change from a lot of online e-tailers.

My advice for all auction sites is to employ the “sneak attack” method. Wait until as late as you can to bid, and your chances at victory increase exponentially. If there isn’t time for someone to outbid you, you’ll be happy at the end of the your auctions! So, take that little nugget and see if it works for you at DealDash too!