I honestly think I’m one of the “biggest kids” I know. Silly things that we do, when we’re growing up, I still find a lot of job in and experience no shame in doing them.

I notoriously like to gather my friends together so we can play Red Rover. Last year, I bought a Hula Hoop. And don’t even get me started on when it comes to me visiting a playground. I want to play on EVERYTHING! Swings, slides, monkey bars… you name it, I’m all over it! So, Imagine me driving past a school playground. Yes, it takes all my strength not to stop and get out and play.

They’re doing some pretty neat things with playgrounds these days, and not just from a fun point of view. Most playgrounds have a mulch surface. I used to fall on those all the time and have the scars on my knees to prove it. That may have been the one bad thing about playgrounds. Rubberecycle, a company specializing in producing Rubbery Mulch ( which is made solely from tire rubber), may have a solution. Falls become safer for children and adults, and it’s also a good move financially because their mulch is durable thus lasting longer. And if you want to get fancy, they offer playground surfaces in a variety of colors, including blue! How fun!

There are even offerings and solutions for commercial playgrounds, general landscaping, and arena footing for horses.

But, getting back to my point. Basically, when I win the lottery, I’m going to give Rubberecycle a holler because I’m clumsy enough to still need to worry about safer playground surfacing. But I’ll also want my own personal playground to be cool enough to invite my adult friends over to play. You all can keep your Dave & Busters. Just give me a playground!