Sometime, a couple of weeks ago, things stopped working well with my podcast and iTunes and I have no idea why. I spent 6 hours one night trying to redo the XML playlist so it would work with iTunes. I was all over the net trying to get help and figure out how to fix it. I found nothing. I may make a living on the computer and all, but this blog is a hobby, as are those podcasts. They’re really for personal use, and I have no trouble using them since I create them. I’m just not willing to let it consume all of my free time.

So as I’ve said in countless previous comments, if you would like to use my podcasts, you will need to get them from my Feedburner feed. It’s as simple as right-clicking and saving.

I also suggested to another commenter, that they make use of You can put the URL of my feed in, along with your email, and receive an email every time I add a new workout.

I just don’t have the time to continue to try and tinker with that darn playlist when I have a perfectly good thing going on right here. The world doesn’t revolve around iTunes lol.