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How-To: Rid Yourself of WP Admin Notifications

I have often times perused the backend of my WordPress installations in search of a setting to alter to turn off admin notifications. I’m sure there are a lot of people who find it very helpful to receive an email every time someone registers at their blog. I am not one of those people. I find it extremely annoying.

Turning to Google, my BFF, I saw a couple of solutions that I wasn’t down with. One was creating an email filter to sent those notifications to a folder. Not good enough. Another option was to edit the WordPress code itself. I probably could have gone that route, but I’d rather not tamper with core WP files if I don’t have to.

My search then led me to a wonderful plugin called Register Plus. It gives you more control over what visitors to your site see when they register. It’s really neat if you want options like changing the WP logo to one of your own, of adding custom fields to the register form. However, in my eyes, the best feature is the wonderful checkbox at the bottom which asks you if you’d like to disable admin notification emails. Yes, please!

Get rid of admin notifications with Register Plus

Get rid of admin notifications with Register Plus

We’ve all heard that it’s the small things that make life enjoyable. Well, sometimes other “little things” can get on your last damn nerves! I’m glad to have found a solution to this pestering.

So, I will now go about installing this on my more popular blogs. Thank you, Register Plus!

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It’s Snowing!

Well, at least on my blog, it is! It’s not snowing here, in real life, either. But you won’t hear me complain about that! No real snow means I don’t have to drive in it, ‘nawmean? People are crazy and don’t understand that you need to slow down when winter weather is upon us.

Anyway, I installed a nifty little WordPress plugin to make it snow. It’s just my way of transitioning into the new layout I’ve picked out. It’s winter, so it’s going to be a winter theme. It’s simple, but I like it! Also, I’ll be able to use widgets again. Oh, how I’ve missed them!

Last year, when no one (except me) was visiting, I opened this blog with a theme that featured a picture of me making a snow angel in my yard. Don’t expect to see that again, folks!

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Fixed and Updated the Podcasts Page

After going through a handful of unsuccessful attempts at WordPress plugins to manage and link my downloads, I finally found one that worked: WordPress Download Monitor.

So I’ve completely retooled the Podcast page to where you can actually download the podcasts manually from there. I tested all of them already. They work. PC users, please, please, please right-click and save so as to not kill my bandwidth. Mac users, do whatever it is you do to save files. I don’t think it’s right-clicking, but I wouldn’t know as I don’t own an Apple computer.

That is all!

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