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Pregnancy Agrees with Candace Parker



Tell me she isn’t positively glowing?

I was just talking to my family about how I hadn’t seen any shots of her since she announced her pregnancy and wasn’t sure how far along she was.

That all changed today with this beautiful picture. Photographer Michael Muller captured her very well.

Oh, and ESPN Magazine has a wonderful feature story on her. I suggest you read it ASAP. If you don’t already adore her, like I do, then you will.

ETA: That gorgeous shot of Candace will be featured on the cover of the new issue of ESPN Magazine, on newsstands Friday! Can’t wait to get this on my mailbox!

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Candace Parker is Pregnant!

CP3 showing off her best-selling jersey

CP3 showing off her best-selling jersey

Apparently there was another reason for her and Shelden’s elopement; other than simply busy schedules.

My favorite WNBA baller, Candace Parker, is pregnant, and is set to give birth in early May.

“Shelden and I are very excited to be expanding our family. We feel blessed and look forward to becoming parents.”

She plans on continuing to practice and train as long as she can and the LA Sparks’ GM believes she will still be able to contribute to the team’s 2009 season.

Now the promo machine put into place to market Candace to the world probably isn’t happy, but screw them! It’s not always all about the Benjamins. Let the woman live her life. It’s not like she’s retiring! Lisa Leslie has been the poster girl for the WNBA for how long, and she took the 2007 season off when she was pregnant. Back up off Candace and congratulate the woman!

What an eventful year for CP3!

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