Les Mills Pump

NOTE: Keep in mind that I’m no longer a Beachbody Coach. Not that that affiliation ever really affected my reviews on any of their programs. Truth is, I’ve had great results with BB programs, and I’ll continue to suggest them to anyone who asks me for a recommendation.

So, I’m about a month into Beachbody’s home version of Body Pump, called Les Mills Pump, and I’m absolutely loving it! Usually, this time of year, I’m doing a hybrid version of ChaLEAN Extreme couples with c25k training and/or TurboFire. But then LMP was released and it peaked my interest.

In ChaLEAN Extreme, the emphasis is on lifting extremely heavy and slowly, but only for about 12 reps per exercise. Les Mills Pump focuses on using lighter weights, but you’re doing a ton of reps. The instructors frequently reference the “Rep Effect” which pushes your body to fatigue, increases your heart rate, and creates the change in your body.

It’s not a new concept. I have several Jari Love videos that are from the same school of thought. They just never really held my attention enough to do them regularly. (Also, like I’ve said before, I enjoy 90 day programs with a set schedule) But somehow, my body seems to really be responding to LMP. Moreso than the past year or 2 of ChaLEAN Extreme. I think that’s probably because it’s kind of used to the CE workouts and needed a new challenge. Regardless, I’m hooked!