Ever since the iPhone 3GS debuted last month, there has been a race to the App store to provide Twitter apps and add-ons that provide video tweeting functions. Twittelator Pro, Tweet Reel, Tweet Media, VideoUp for Facebook, and TwitVid are all taking advantage of the 3GS’ new video capabilities.

That’s all well and good, but some of us have been recording and sharing video with our iPhones for quite some time now. We are the ones who chose to jailbreak our devices an install either Cycorder or iPhone Video Recorder.

I was pretty sure it’d only be a matter of time before 3rd party developers started including the 3G crowd into some video apps. I was thinking it’d be something along the lines of the Pixelpipe fix using PPVideoEnabler (available free via Cydia).

Presently, there are a few workarounds for jailbroken 3G users to share video via Twitter. Pixelpipe/PPVideoEnabler actually does allow you to share video via Twitter. And if you link your YouTube account to Twitter, you can share video that way as well.

I was extremely thrilled to see that qTweeter’s new update provides the very first video tweet functionality for 3G owners. Leave it to one of my fave apps to come through with the save!

qTweeter uses the popular TwitVid service to upload and share video. You provide you Twitter username and password in the qTweeter settings and that’s it! You call the app, select options, and it prompts you to either record or select a video from your library. I have bother Cycorder and iPhone Video Recorder and qTweeter pulls up Cycorder. I like iPhone Video Recorder better, so I was hoping that would be the program called, or I’d at least have the option to choose my video recording app. That’s not the case. I uninstalled Cycorder, as a test, and qTweeter told me that it “can post video either from Cycorder or from the iPhone 3GS”. So that’s that. Maybe in a future version of the app? In any case, I’m still thrilled as can be that I can quickly an easily video tweet!

It’s a great thing that TwitVid provides an API for developers. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a plethora of video tweeting options for 3G users.

Note: qTweeter also lets original iPhone (2G) users video tweet. I don’t want to leave them out. It’s just that I don’t have a 2G, so I rarely talk about it. Power to the people, though!