NFL DraftI always come to this conclusion after the NFL holds their draft, but never really put my thoughts down in writing…UNTIL NOW!

Dear NFL GM’s,

Please stop drafting players that play one position only to move them to another one after you sign them. This isn’t the NBA, where teams frequently draft the “best available” and then figure out where to put them later. There are only 5 positions in basketball, so it’s a lot easier to mix and match than in professional football where there are complex defensive and offensive schemes. Draft the wrong player and you set yourself back a ton of $$$ and potential success on the field.

For instance, if your team runs a 3-4 defense, why draft a player who has played nothing but DE his whole career, and then try to immediately turn him into an pass-rushing OLB. It’s not the same thing!

Then you and your fanbase will bad mouth them if they don’t mirror their collegiate production from the 1st snap. It simply doesn’t work like that!

Now, I understand that if you’re paying all that money, players should be able to learn a new position. Totally understand that. But if your expectation is that he learn it during fall camp and have it perfected by the 1st regular season game, you need your head checked. That’s just not realistic! Players take years to learn their positions and you knew what you were getting when you drafted them. Don’t act all shocked if they suck at the position you moved them to. You don’t draft a kicker to QB your team, do you? (Yea, bad example, but sometimes I feel like these teams are that stupid)

You’ve got no one to blame but yourself for your 1st round NFL Draft disasters. If you have a position that is a crucial and immediate need, DRAFT SOMEONE WHO HAS PRODUCED AT THAT POSITION IN COLLEGE or go the free agency route! If you can afford to wait a year or two before heavily relying on this player, then by all means, take that risk and develop them.

You get paid the big bucks, so why not actually do some homework before the draft, k?

< / end rant >