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Amazon Is In My Head!

Look what I just got in my inbox, courtesy of

It’s like they know that my New Year’s Resolution is to read more!

And while suggesting I get a new tech toy to help me along that path is a great idea (I was actually thinking the same thing!), I would totally rather have an iPad or even a Nook. Why can’t the iPad be $139?

But I am thinking about it…

Does anyone have a Kindle, iPad, or Nook? And if so, have you significantly increased how much you read with one of these devices?

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My 2011 New Years Resolution: Read a Book!

Now that everyone’s hopefully fully recovered from New Year’s Eve, what’s the one thing most people focus on now? That’s right, the New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t usually make them because I have a hard time thinking of meaningful things to focus on. And when I do make one, it’s never been fitness-related.

The same holds true this year. Working out is just a part of my lifestyle and I don’t see that changing any time soon. My resolution for 2011 is simply to read more. I’m notorious for my general dislike of reading. I blame that on years of schooling where I associated it with “work” and subjects I didn’t really care to read about.

I’m wanting to get back into reading –like I was up until college — so that’s why I made this resolution. However, it’s not going to be anything off of Oprah’s Book Club list. I’m going to be reading self-help, fitness, autobiographies, and humor selections; things that interest me. Maybe, if this catches on, I’ll graduate to other types of books. I don’t want to think, mind you. I just want to be entertained and possibly learn a thing or two. Plus, any excuse to get a Kindle/Nook/iPad later down the line is welcomed 😉

What’s your New Year’s Resolution, if you have one?

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