So now that the New Year’s celebrations have come and gone, I started to think about putting together a list of “resolutions” for my blog. (My overall resolution is still TBD)

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

1. Post more! I completed that #31WriteNow, in August, and then completely fell off the posting wagon. So shameful, especially since I had plenty to say. Many a time, I said “I should blog about that…” but didn’t. I’ll be better in 2014! I promise!

2. I said I was working on an updated set to my Couch to 5k podcasts, which I fully intended to create and share last year. I didn’t even get started. But I will do that this summer, so that everyone (myself included) can use it once Spring comes along.

3. Find a new theme. This one cool for like a minute, then I saw a bunch of other blogs using it as well. I typically try to use a theme that not a lot of others are, so I’m going to work a little harder to give my blog a more unique look; even if it’s a premium theme.

4. Share more updates on my fitness journey. I fell into a fall slump last year. With my father being ill, and myself keeping such strange hours, I put my workouts aside. I’ll be officially back on Monday!

5. More makeup reviews. With the way I hoard makeup, I should be talking more about it. And not just when I resist the urge to buy things from bareMinerals’ QVC shows. I’m not beauty expert, or beauty blogger, but I know what I like. I plan to share!

I think that’s it for now. If I think of other things, y’all will know!