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Dear Makeup Brands: Please Stop Ignoring Women of Color

Ok, I’ve been stewing over this issue for a while now, just waiting to be proven wrong. Alas, that hasn’t happened, and so I write this post. I haven’t really ranted in a while. It’s time.

With the revealing of the Spring 2013 lines, I’ve been anxiously looking forward to trying everything I can get my hands on. I’ve been experimenting with some concealers and both L’Oreal and Revlon have new products out. L’Oreal is capitalizing off the major trend to put just about everything into a jump pen/crayon form. And so we now have True Match Super-Blendable Crayon Concealer. And Revlon reformulated their Colorstay Concealer.

Reading the press releases had me excited to try these, only to get to the store and see that apparently neither L’Oreal nor Revlon give a damn for darker skinned women who may want to conceal blemishes. I’m not even that dark. I think I’m probably in the middle of the brown-skinned spectrum. It’s like they both made shades dark enough for spokeswomen Beyonce and Halle Berry, and that’s as deep as they were going to go. Both call their darkest shade Medium-Deep and neither of those women are “dark.”

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Review: Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup

Ahhhh, so months later, I finally get around to sharing my thoughts on Revlon’s newish foundation, the Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup. All any of you really know about my feelings on this product is that it’s really not WOC-friendly. FYI, every time I go to drugstores around town, the darkest shade is still Caramel. * continues to side eye Revlon*

Anyway, before I dive into my review, let me sum it up quickly: I LOVE IT!

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My Revlon Lip Butters Collection…

…is nearly complete! I’m still on the hunt for Red Velvet, then I think I’ll be finished. Below are the shades that I own!

I wear this product, at some point in the day, every day. I really do treat it like a chapstick and my lips are in great shape as the temperatures start to dip down into the 30s.

With the exception of Tutti Frutti, the shades I own are very pigmented. They would very well, IMO, on women of color. I might have to swatch my collection because all of the swatches I saw, prior to purchase, were only on fair-skinned women. Not such a great indicator for WOC lol. Luckily, I happened to choose well! Generally, I go for the bolder colors, as a rule of thumb. It worked out for this product as well.

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I MUST Talk About Revlon’s New Lip Butters

I’ve been really lazy, in terms of my post frequency, but I had to share my thoughts on a new Revlon lip product, their Colorburst Lip Butters.

Now, you probably saw my 2 month-old post about “discovering” the beauty section at “Bed, Bath, & Beyond”, right? The day I took those, was the day I found the lip butters. According to a few beauty blogs, Revlon released them to BB&B before the traditional drugstores, so that’s what lead me to BB&B.

Once I got them home, I immediately tried them and fell in love. Granted, most of Revlon’s lip products have struck a chord with me, but these were like… perfect? They look like lipsticks in the packaging, and even apply like them. But they wear like chapsticks. No, seriously!

At first I thought I was just overreacting because that’s how the product was initially described. (Back then, it wasn’t on Revlon’s website, and no press release had been sent out) But it really was true! I started telling my friends about it and soon they, too, were on the hunt for these wonderful Lip Butters. Once they finally found them, they completely agreed with my assessment that, not only were they amazing, but that they really did feel like chapstick!

And not only that, but the products claim “94% of women felt lips were softer, smoother, and instantly hydrated”. That’s because the main ingredients are Mango Butter, Shea Butter and Coconut Butter. Now, I know there are many “medicated” lip products out there, but these seem to work really well! I mean, I usually sleep with Blistex Medicated Ointment on, but I still felt a difference from wearing these new Lip Butters for a few days! (I may start sleeping w/ them on, to be quite honest)

I got 3 shades (as you can see above) Fig Jam, Raspberry Pie, and Candy Apple. You can easily see the shade through the top of the container, so it’s not a guessing game as is the case with some lip products. I picked Fig Jam because it was a brown that I thought would be a good neutral for me. And boy was I right! It’s perfect! I’ve literally been wearing it as my “chapstick” the past few days. I reapply a little after eating, but I would have done that for chapstick too. And because it’s my “nude”, I don’t need a mirror or anything. Perfect! Even though this is a permanent line, and not Limited Edition (which I was afraid of) I’m going to be sure to buy a backup or two, of Fig Jam because I have a feeling I’m going to run through those suckas!

The other two shades I got were Candy Apple (a bright, fun strawberry red) and Raspberry Pie (a medium berry/magenta pink). I’ve worn all these colors, and loved them, but Fig Jam has my hard for its versatility.

I will be getting more colors because I’m obsessed. Red Velvet, Lollipop, Sweet Tart, Sugar Plum, Pink Truffle, Cherry Tart, Tutti Frutti (coral), stand out. If you’re wondering, those, combined w/ the 3 I already own, are the most pigmented shades I’ve seen. A shade like Sugar Frosting and/or Creamsicle, will do absolutely nothing for me or probably anyone else without naturally light pink lips lol. No, I don’t need them to necessarily be full-coverage lipsticks, but I’d still like even the lightest shade I purchase to at least show up!

Judging from how many regular ColorBurst lipsticks I currently own (10 total), there’s no doubt I’ll probably break down and buy a bunch of these as well. This is always how it starts. Revlon created a Monster!

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First Impressions: Revlon’s ‘Spice It Up’ 2011 Holiday Line

Revlon FTW

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about makeup (I know, what’s wrong with me), so here’s one for the masses!

I was at the grocery store today, and like any other trip, I just had to walk past the makeup aisles to see if there was anything new. And of course there was! My favorite drugstore brand, Revlon, had a nice display up advertising their “Spice It Up” Holiday line.

Now, usually my grocery store doesn’t get the special displays and limited edition products, so I was already pleasantly surprised. Then I saw it… the beautiful purple shaded Colorburst lipgloss. I’d been on the hunt for a drugstore purple lip color (still looking for Maybelline’s ColorSensational The Jewels Limited Edition lipstick in Amethyst Ablaze), so when I saw this gloss, officially named Decadent, there was no way I was leaving the store without my own tube!

I was already a Revlon Colorburst disciple. I have 10 lipsticks already, and had 3 of the relatively new glosses. Today, I added 2 more glosses to my collection; the aforementioned Decadent as well as a sparkly clear shade called “Chilled Frappe”. If you’re familiar with the Superlustrous line, it favors “Shine City” without any hint of pink (look at my pic above).

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