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RIP Puddles: 1998-2013


I knew it was coming, but it didn’t make it any easier to deal with. Even as I write this post, I have tears in my eyes. My dear companion, Puddles passed away early this morning. I noted, about a week ago, that I wasn’t sure how much longer she’d have with us, due to sluggish movement & intuition, but you’re still never ready.

Puddles usually sleeps in the basement, but this past week, I let her stay in the main level of the house. Last night, she came all the way upstairs to my room to go to sleep. So I knew something was up. She stayed with me all night. I actually didn’t sleep because I spent most of the night getting up, periodically, to check on her and make sure she was comfortable and warm. I also loved her up, giving her tons of kisses & telling her how much I loved her. She would purr when I fussed over her and that made me happy.

As daylight came through my windows, Puddles moved across the room, closer to me. I could tell her breathing was starting to become strenuous, along with whimpering and other sounds that weren’t normal. I cuddled her, but she seemed to be in a deep sleep & wasn’t responding. I knew it was time. Slightly before 9AM, she had stopped breathing & I said my final goodbye.

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We Lost A Member of Our Family Today…

Long story short, she had a tumor and her organs were starting to shut down. We thought the merciful thing to do was put her down. We will really miss her. Puddles already does!

Allow me a moment to share some of my favorite pics of Gracie. She was so aloof that she was hard to capture with any of my cameras. That’s why I will cherish the great shots I did get!

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