I realized that I had been doing a no-no with my Couch to 5k training. I had been running in relatively old shoes that I also used for aerobic activity like kickboxing and step workouts. I know, bad Suz!

So, today I went to a store that specializes in running and ended up with a fantastic new pair of shoes that I shall use only for running: Nike Women’s Air Max Moto + 6. They are so comfy and cushiony. I can’t wait to run with these tomorrow!

The best part of the experience was going into a store with a sales person that really knows what they’re doing! At running stores, the sales people will look at you old shoes (I wore mine in), have you walk, and ask you what your goals and training habits are. From there they will use their expertise to pick out a few pairs of shoes for you to try on. But it doesn’t end there!

They even encourage you go outside and run a little in them. Can’t do that at Finish Line! So, if you’re in the Greater Columbus area, I highly recommend FrontRunner for all your fitness needs! They’ve got a lot of other items besides shoes. I went there for my running shoes and racing spikes when I was in high school as well.

So, even though the price tag was steep, making sure to have the proper footwear for my training will make me feel better and avoid injury. It’s a worthwhile investment!

Now, I need to find a 5k to sign up for. In my searches so far, nothing has jumped out. Here’s to hoping some better events pop up in Central Ohio!