To say I was disappointed in the Target Beauty Bag I received in the mail yesterday would be an understatement. It was extremely disappointing. And there will be no do-overs as rumor has it that this was the final time that Target offered this promo.

If you’re unfamiliar, Target Style’s Facebook page announces the “Beauty Bag” filled with free samples of products women typically use. If you’re fast enough filling out the form (this promo sells out fast!) you will receive your bag in a month or so. This was only my second time participating, and there were even fewer items useful to my beauty regimine than the previous bag. I didn’t think that was possible!

The last bag had a travel size Neutrogena Sublock product in it. It’s a product I already owned, in the full size, so the small purse-sized lotion was greatly appreciated. Other than that, nothing good. Lots of samples of shampoos and conditioners, and sample of a lipstick line I love; Revlon colorburst. That was good, but it was in a shade that doesn’t really show up on us brown-skinned ladies. So, I gave everything else to one of my friends. I kept the actual bag, though. It replaced my old “makeup bag.”