If I had more $$, I would be looking at getting a Mac right about now. I am so frustrated with Windows and Microsoft.

They recently released their Service Pack 3 update for Windows XP and it’s wreaking havoc on my computer set-up. My entire livelihood is on my Maxtor external hard drive. Ever since I installed SP3, Windows won’t recognize my external drive.

When I start-up, XP stalls on a black screen and requires an immediate reboot before it will fully load. That immediate reboot isn’t needed when my external drive isn’t connected to my computer.

I’ve googled my issue, and it seems many other people are having the same problems. I tried some of the “fixes” that are out there on the message boards. It worked for 1 day, then XP went right back to not recognizing my drive.

I did 4 reboots today an never got XP to see my external drive. Even when I booted up without a connected external drive, it didn’t load after Windows had completely started.

I had no choice but to uninstall Service Pack 3. If you haven’t installed SP3 yet — and rely heavily on an external hard drive — I’d take a pass on this “upgrade”. It’s not worth it.

Also, if any of you reading this have had this problem and have fixed it, please leave me a comment and I’ll try it!