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The Great Barefoot Turbo Fire Experiment


It’s a Fitness Miracle!

Ok, let me back up get y’all up to speed on the situation. I have been putting off doing another round of Turbo Fire, my soul mate workout, because some of the HIIT workouts were hurting my feet. I took that as a sign to replace my workout shoes. It’s long overdue, and I don’t need any injuries slowing me down.

As I was researching shoes that would be good for my mostly flat feet, I came across a post on Shaun T’s website, where he talked about what he uses for his own program, Insanity. Turns out he often goes barefoot. And, as I read through the comments I noticed that a lot of others did the barefoot thing too. Shaun T recommended a “minimal” shoe, and lots of folks revealed that they wore Vibram 5-fingers for his workouts. A specific shoe Shaun mentioned was the Reebok CrossFit Trainers.

So, after the seed was planted in my head about barefoot workouts (in terms of impact, Turbo Fire is pretty close to T25 and Insantiy, especially the HIIT workouts), I paused my shoe researching and committed to a week of barefoot Turbo Fire workouts. Today was Day 1 and I did the HIIT 15 workout. This is a short one, but the 3rd segment of the workout always, without fail, makes me feet hurt. Doesn’t matter the shoe I use, without fail, the balls of my feet ache. Usually to the point where I have to either stop or heavily modify the moves. No bueno.

After finishing my workout, I am pleased to report that my feet feel fine. During the combo, where they’re usually on fire, I kept anticipating when the pain would start, but it never did! I was able to jump higher and didn’t have to take it easy at all. Pivoting was pretty easy as well! My knees don’t hurt, nothing hurts! As I write this post, 3 hours later, I’m still in shock.

I’m looking forward to doing some more workouts to see if those results are similar, but I gotta say, so far, so good! If my findings hold, I could save myself close to $100!

Do any of you do workouts barefoot? How’d it go for you?

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Wanted: Steve Madden TAYLA Shoe

Damn, I want this too! I forgot about my Steve Madden obsession, when I wrote that post late last night. Stevie owns me. I have more of his shoes than any other brand, and it’s kind of unhealthy. I can’t help it, though! He is tapped into my the style portion of my brain!

Anyway, SlickDeals sent me to the Steve Madden website (looking for clearance items, I swear!), and that’s when it happened! What, you ask? They showed me the following shoe:

This is one hot shoe! No, I don’t have any place to wear this, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting it! This probably won’t find its way into my closet, as it’s anything but practical. But it sure is nice to look at!

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Apologies to Naturalizer!

So I was complaining yesterday about how I had to drive to the other side of town in order to go to Naturalizer. It’s really not that far. It’s just that it used to be at the mall closest to me (The Mall at Tuttle Crossing) before moving to Polaris. Tuttle is about 10 minutes away, while I’d say Polaris is about 20-25. It’s not that bad, but I’m a lazy mofo!

Anyway, before I went yesterday, I decided to look up the store and call ahead to make sure they had my size. Well, upon looking up my location, I saw that the Polaris location was the only one IN THE ENTIRE STATE OF OHIO! So basically I complain about less than a half hour, when others in the state have much further to go if they actually want to visit the store. Puts things in perspective.

However, I am glad I called ahead because they didn’t have my size. I would have been salty had I driven over there to find out they didn’t have my size! So what I did was order the next half size up online. They have a free shipping promo running right now and if they don’t fit, I can return them to the Polaris store and not be charged a return fee. Win-win? We’ll see!

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