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Did CVS Change Their Coupon Policy?


I ask this because of an employee interaction on my most recent trip to CVS.

As an obviously valued CVS ExtraCare Card member, I get emailed coupons and X dollar off discounts on a weekly basis. Last week, I was sent a 30% off my purchase coupon. I usually get 20% or 25% coupons, so I was thinking about what I needed, so I could maximize my savings.

Well, when I got to CVS, I went to the NYX display because I wanted to get a coupon of their Slide-On eyeliners. That plan fell through because Jet Black was out of stock. In fact, it’s always out of stock when I stop by lately. An employee placed a stock re-order for me, so I guess next time I visit, it could actually be in stock.

I ended up grabbing something that I couldn’t use my coupon on because it was on sale that week. After the cashier told me that, I told her to just throw away my coupon since it was the last day it was valid. Then she told me to hold onto it because they take expired coupons. I said “What?!” and asked her for how much longer and she said “a couple of months, or so.”

Color me surprised. I mean, I only recently learned that Bed, Bath, & Beyond took expired coupons, but I didn’t know CVS did. Or do they?

Has anyone else had this happen to them? Does CVS really take expired coupons? I’m leaning towards the cashier not really knowing what she’s talking about, but maybe it is true. I’m going to hit up some other locations and see if I can get some more confirmation on this. Because this could be a game changer for me, seeing as how I get coupons emailed to me every week!

Chime in and let me know what you think? Has anyone else heard about this? Let a sista know!

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‘Twas a Bare Minerals Type of Week

It dawned on me, late tonight, that I had received 3 Bare Minerals products this week, which had to be some sort of record for me. Now, I only got one of them directly from BM, but it was still 3 items!

Piggy-backing off my previous post, where I detailed how I got $50 worth of Sephora products for $12, I was able to get a free Bare Minerals eyeshadow yesterday. They were running a promo for their FAB members, where all you had to do was bring in the email, pick out the color you wanted (a $14 value), and that’s it!

So, on Monday I got my Bare Minerals Touch-Up Veil (they actually sent the wrong shade, but I’ll write about that later. It worked fine!) and Stroke of Light eye brightener and on Friday, I got my free eyecolor in “moss.”

I am happy with all 3 items, too! What a good week, huh?

And just a reminder that bare Minerals is back on QVC in a couple of weeks, so mark your calendars! I’m sure I’ll be just as disappointed as usual in the offerings for deeper skin tones (and the constant ignoring of their matte foundation), but you know I’ll be watching anyway! It’s a guilty pleasure. Plus, this may be the show where they bring back the deluxe sized Bisque. (It’s already back on, actually!) I use that more than the foundation, and they only carry the deluxe size twice a year.

Here are the shows:

Monday, November 25, 2013 from Midnight – 2 a.m., 9 – 11 a.m., 3 – 5 p.m. ET

Happy shopping!

*I used affiliate links in this post.

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The Limited Trolled Me Today


I was incredibly excited when The Limited Twitter account posted a picture of their new arrivals. Why? Feast your eyes on that beautiful bright green pencil skirt above! It’s a beauty, isn’t it?

I reposted the picture stating that the skirt would be mine. The Limited even retweeted my statement and the wheels were set in motion.

When I finally turned on my computer, I clicked the link to the new arrivals, so I could get a good look at it, as well as the price. Stand procedure, right?

Well, I scrolled up and down that page and never saw the skirt I fell in love with this afternoon. Well, I saw it, but it wasn’t the same as the one shared on Twitter.


We live in an era where photo filters are king. Just look at the success of Instagram. We slap a filter on almost every photo we take. It seems that The Limited altered the picture they shared, because the green I was salivating over is completely different than the shade of green for sale on their website. The green is identical to the green pencil skirt I scored from Express a few years ago. (Below)

It's pretty. It's so, so pretty!

I don’t need to get another standard green pencil skirt. I would have been alllllll over that bright, almost neon/lime green skirt, though.

The search continues!

ETA: The Limited’s Facebook page shows the true coloring of the skirt. So, they only pulled a fast one on Twitter users.

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DealDash; Because Shopping & Saving Money Is Fun!

I’ve got a Twitter list and an email folder, both named “Deals & Steals.” I’m always on the lookout for a good deal. Every little bit helps these days, right?

Lately, I stumbled across DealDash, which describes itself as a “Fair, Honest, Risk-Free Alternative to Penny Auctions.” They’re the longest operating online auction site of its kind in the United States. I’m sure you’ve seen TV ads for these type of companies. I know I have, but haven’t ever given them a shot.

Deal Dash has 300,000+ members who are free to take advantage of up to 95% savings on a wide range of items like Gift Cards, athletic equipment, and even technological toys like tablets and iPods.

How it works is that each bid you place costs 60 cents. Yup, that’s it! Each bid then increases the price of the items 1 cent. The auction clock restarts every time a bid is placed. However, if your bid it the last one, before the clock strikes zero, you win! And after scoring your shopping victory, you get free shipping! I know that’s a welcome change from a lot of online e-tailers.

My advice for all auction sites is to employ the “sneak attack” method. Wait until as late as you can to bid, and your chances at victory increase exponentially. If there isn’t time for someone to outbid you, you’ll be happy at the end of the your auctions! So, take that little nugget and see if it works for you at DealDash too!

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Coupon and Promo Codes Make the World A Better Place

I’m not even exaggerating! I do a ton of online shopping. And even when I visit brick and mortar establishments, I do my research online, before I go, so I’m armed with the latest coupons and promo news. This goes for small purchases like accessories and clothing, as well as larger buys like tech gadgets and trips.

Since 1998, SciTechDaily has been mostly known for their technology and science news, but recently jumped into the coupon/promo code game. Always a welcome move! That’s what people are looking for these days.

And going right along with their technology theme, you can browse for a number of different deals like a Newegg promo code or even Vistaprint coupons. I’ve purchased from both of those companies, in the past, who are almost always running promos. As a matter of fact, a lot of my backup computer peripherals come from Newegg. I have an unopened Power Supply sitting on the floor of my room right now! And I’ve previously gotten some business cards, for a side project, from VistaPrint.

So, why not add another coupon code and promo resource to your bookmark list? You can never save too much money, can you? Didn’t think so!

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