I know they say that when you work out, progress should be measured with inches and how your clothes fit. I was always like “yea, yea, yea” about that until recently.

I don’t work out to lose weight. If I lost much, I’d prolly be underweight! My goal with working out was to get toned, fit, and develop healthy habits to continue in my life.

I do occasionally weigh myself, but only like once or twice a month. I’ve been a solid 130 for I don’t know how long. Throughout that time, I have been seeing muscle definition, which I love! And we’ve been told over and over that muscle’s density is higher than fat, thus weighing more.

I was sort of in between sizes 4 and 6 last year. In some stores, I was a solid 6, while in others I was a 4. I’ve been wearing some of those 6s and they are loose! Not loose as in I can’t wear them anymore, but there is quite a bit of extra space in there that wasn’t there last year! And now my 4’s fit like my 6’s did last year.

So, it looks next time I go to the mall for new clothes (which could be a while, lol) I’ll be purchasing a smaller size!