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Product Rave: Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate


Every time I use Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate, I fall in love. Again.

It’s that good, folks. It only takes 2 minutes, and when I rinse it off, my skin feels so baby soft and just wonderful. Even with using my Clarisonic Mia 2, I don’t get that type of exfoliation and my skincare products go on even better. The morning after I use it, I always say “I wish I could ExfoliKate every day!” I wake up and my face always has cleared up some. Blemishes that were starting to come in, were rebuffed, and ones that were lingering have started to recede.

This particular mix of chemical and physical exfoliants is absolutely perfect for my skin. I use it 2 times per week, but I’m upping that to three. My skin can handle it and I need the extra help.

It’s seriously like magic, y’all. And for someone like me, who has problem skin, it’s a Godsend. I need ExfoliKate in my life. I started with a deluxe sample (Thanks, Sephora). From there, I bought what is referred to as the “travel size.” (It’s not what I use as a travel size. I use the aforementioned deluxe sample size for that. It stays in my travel kit.) The .5 Fl Oz size is a pretty pricey $22, but with the help of SwagBucks and Perk TV, it aint no thang every few months. I’ve had my current tube since mid-December and it’s still going strong. When it comes time to replace it, I’ll happily do so because ExfoliKate might be the first Holy Grail skincare product I’ve ever bought. For real! I’ve been experimenting with with skincare for decades. To just be finding a really, really good one now is kind of sad, but also kind of exciting!

I might just try to stack some gift cards and go for the larger sizes, like 2 oz or 5 oz. I’ve been watching QVC, in particular, like a hawk lately. The second I see either of those sizes available for Easy Pay, I’ll be alllllll over it. Easy Pay is bae. And so is Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate.

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Review: Kate Somerville EradiKate


Holy smokes!

I started this post in September 2014. Since then, I’ve finished one full bottle of Kate Somerville’s EradiKate and purchased another. And the only time I did not use this product was when I was in Hawaii for a week.

Bottom line: I LOVE THIS STUFF!

I’ve been making a concerted effort to reduce my usage of Benzoyl Peroxide, which is what I used to use on blemishes. I used to apply some sort of BP product twice a day. But I’ve slowly cut down on that to the point that I only use a small part of it every other day, and only at night. A big reason for that is because I found EradiKate.

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At Any Age, Skin Care Is Important!

As someone who has had “issues” with their skin for their entire life, I have learned over the years that proper skin care is a necessity! I’m not just talking about some dark spots or light scarring. I’m talking about full blown, never-ending evil acne! And it didn’t really hit me until I moved away for college, stopped eating balanced meals and doing sports. That was a bad move, on my part!

In addition to topical solutions, I’ve found that staying active (working out) and eating a pretty balanced diet (all about moderation) helps me keep my skin in check.

Since “The Outbreak”, as I call it, I’ve tried a million products, from drugstore items to prescribed solutions. And while things have settled down, I always wonder if there’s something better out there for my situation. Granted, I no longer have acne breakouts (mostly monthly hormonal appearances), but one just never knows!

I’ve randomly sat through the Murad Acne Complex infomercial, over the years, and it’s always piqued my interest. It’s often compared to Proactiv (which I’ve used), but uses different ingredients. For example, Proactiv uses Benzoyl Peroxide and Acne Complex does not. BP can pretty harsh on the skin, so it’s not for everyone. It could make things worse! But the similarities come from the fact that there are several steps to the basic application of this product line and it was developed by dermatologists. Acne Complex promises positive results in just a few days, and even more after a full month.

But Murad isn’t just focusing on acne prone skin. They also have a line for hormonal aging skin, called Resurgence.

Has anyone tried either of these products from Murad? How do they work? And would you compare them to Proactiv? If you’d like to try Acne Complex, some Murad Coupon Codes are available!

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To Birchbox or Not To Birchbox?


I’ve been contemplating signing up for Birchbox for a long time now. It’s general idea is that, for about $10/mo, you’ll receive a box of high end, sample size skincare and beauty items at your doorstep each month.

What a cool idea, right? So, for what I deem a very low price, you can try some items, see if they work for you, and then possibly make the decision to buy the full-size product and add it to your health/beauty routine. I know I’ve wanted to try some products before I buy, to see if I like them (or they break my face out) before actually buying them. And yes, a lot of these boutiques/retailers offer returns, but it’s not a guarantee!

So I’ve been reading various beauty blogs and watching YouTube videos to see what the breakdown is, in terms of beauty to skincare products. I’m not really interested in skincare products. My face is uber sensitive, oily, and acne prone. After many years of struggling with my complextion, I’ve come to the conclusion that my skin can’t handle the experimentation necessary to truly take advantage of Birchbox’s skincare offerings. Too sensitive. I gotta stick with my routine or else face the wrath of Mr. Breakout!

Irene (AKA PinkieCharm on YouTube) wrote a blog post about why she canceled her Birchbox subscription. She said that her shipments included a lot of skincare products, and that they weren’t a fit for the type of skin she has, so she didn’t feel it was worth it anymore. That’s exactly the kind of info I wanted to know. If it was 25% skincare and 75% beauty/makeup, I would probably take the plunge, but reading that so much of the samples are skincare is giving me pause.

I’m going to keep looking around to get others’ opinions, but right now it’s looking like I’ll have to say no to Birchbox. If only there were a makeup-only option…

I also hear the quality of samples has degraded over the past few months. I would probably attribute that to Birchbox’s exploding popularity, but it’s not something I want to see as a potential customer.

Of note, I hear there are a couple of other Birchbox “copycats” that have popped up recently. (GoGoGirlfriend and NewBeauty TestTube) I’m going to take a look at them as well.

Does anyone else subscribe to Birchbox? Do you like it? What are your thoughts on the breakdown between skincare/beauty products?

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