What a week! It’s still not football season, but I am managing to cling to any news that I can!

I’m still on a high from the NFL draft. Seeing who got drafted where was exciting. I’m very happy for Mike Hart, who got drafted by the Colts. He’ll fit in well there and is onnly 2.5 hours away. I know I shouldn’t like him being a Buckeye fan, but I can’t help it. I’m a sucker for swagger and his cannot be denied. I love it! So much love and luck to him as he starts the next stage of his football career.

I’m glad the Cavs got their shit together and close out the 1st round of the playoffs. They let the Bullets Wizards stick around entirely too long. I’m also glad the Lakers are handling their business. Unlike others, I’m just not that impressed with the Jazz, so this should be another relatively short series for LA; provided they don’t take days off. We’ll have to see how the Jazz defend their home court. If they played like they did in round 1, I expect a quit exit, stage left.

I hate baseball, hockey, NASCAR, and golf. Don’t expect me to talk much about that around here unless I’m talking about how much I dislike those sports.

I just found out that David Beckham is going to be here in October with his MLS team. Methinks I may have to take in my first Columbus Crew game.