I’m a known complainer, and really isn’t that a pretty good reason to have a blog? No? Well, I’m gonna use it ask a venting vehicle and today I’m looking at you, Dropbox!

I love the concept of “in the cloud”. Especially, if you’re like me and sometimes your computer’s hard drive craps out on you for no reason! And one of the main reasons I gravitated to Dropbox, to begin with, was how many platforms I could sync my files across with ease. Countless iPhone apps are being built/updated with Dropbox functionality, which also makes my life easier.

I download music, documents, and all sorts of files to Dropbox for safe keeping. Heck, my entire Nook Color library is backed up on Dropbox, as well as all of the pictures/videos on my iPhone camera roll! Better safe, than sorry, right?

However, a large problem arrives when you run out the 2GB of space that Dropbox so graciously provides you for free. Now, I’m not opposed to upgrading to a full account, but honestly, their plans suck!