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Bare Minerals Was On QVC 5 Times This Weekend


Bare Minerals was the Today’s Special Value all day Saturday (April 20th) and so, Bare Minerals was on air 5 times in a 24 hour period. I’m not even ashamed to admit that I watched 90% of all of those shows too. You don’t know me! Actually, you guys do. Very well. Just search “Bare Minerals” on this blog and you’ll see how much I talk about them.

Anywhoooo, I never buy the major products or TSV sets. There’s always a bunch of stuff I don’t want, and even though they offer killer deals, I still never jump. That didn’t change this weekend. As of this post, I still haven’t bought anything since January’s raiding of my bank account. Actually, it didn’t even do that much damange. I bought a $20 brush set off of QVC and a super discounted 8-color eyeshadow palette for $21 (regularly $40) in my local boutique. See, not bad?

Last month, QVC hosted Bare Minerals for a couple of shows and they premiered a lip product that really caught my attention: double-ended Lip Quickies! The dubbed “Modern Florals” collection contain three bright and vibrant spring colors, 3 more muted colors, and a super cute bag (with an attached mirror). I perked up when they showed it, but I wasn’t at a place where I could splurge, even though the total, with shipping, would only be $33.59.

They showed the Modern Floral Lip Quickies again over the weekend and the price is still the same. Considering one solo Lip Quickie is $19, it’s a great value. I’m now in a position to purchase, but I still haven’t pulled the trigger. Why?

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In The Crosshairs: Dropbox


I’m a known complainer, and really isn’t that a pretty good reason to have a blog? No? Well, I’m gonna use it ask a venting vehicle and today I’m looking at you, Dropbox!

I love the concept of “in the cloud”. Especially, if you’re like me and sometimes your computer’s hard drive craps out on you for no reason! And one of the main reasons I gravitated to Dropbox, to begin with, was how many platforms I could sync my files across with ease. Countless iPhone apps are being built/updated with Dropbox functionality, which also makes my life easier.

I download music, documents, and all sorts of files to Dropbox for safe keeping. Heck, my entire Nook Color library is backed up on Dropbox, as well as all of the pictures/videos on my iPhone camera roll! Better safe, than sorry, right?

However, a large problem arrives when you run out the 2GB of space that Dropbox so graciously provides you for free. Now, I’m not opposed to upgrading to a full account, but honestly, their plans suck!

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