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Target’s Final Beauty Bag Was A Major Letdown

To say I was disappointed in the Target Beauty Bag I received in the mail yesterday would be an understatement. It was extremely disappointing. And there will be no do-overs as rumor has it that this was the final time that Target offered this promo.

If you’re unfamiliar, Target Style’s Facebook page announces the “Beauty Bag” filled with free samples of products women typically use. If you’re fast enough filling out the form (this promo sells out fast!) you will receive your bag in a month or so. This was only my second time participating, and there were even fewer items useful to my beauty regimine than the previous bag. I didn’t think that was possible!

The last bag had a travel size Neutrogena Sublock product in it. It’s a product I already owned, in the full size, so the small purse-sized lotion was greatly appreciated. Other than that, nothing good. Lots of samples of shampoos and conditioners, and sample of a lipstick line I love; Revlon colorburst. That was good, but it was in a shade that doesn’t really show up on us brown-skinned ladies. So, I gave everything else to one of my friends. I kept the actual bag, though. It replaced my old “makeup bag.”

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Will I Regret Yearning for Jason Wu?

Jason Wu for Target

So, you may or may not have heard that Target has teamed with another celebrity designer and will release a special, limited edition line beginning tomorrow. This time around that designer is Jason Wu. (Probably known by most non-fashionistas as the man who designed Michelle Obama’s inauguration dress back in 2008).

Target had another release, for Missoni, back in the fall and it was utter chaos. I’m not into the Missoni look (far too crazy for my fashion tastes), but from all accounts, pandemonium isn’t even a strong enough word for how that release went off. People camped out for hours, fought each other in-store, and the website crashed many, many times before ultimately selling out of items. A lot of the people who managed to get their hands on the products, first, only did so for eBay resale purposes. In doing so, they robbed real shoppers of the opportunity to buy for the Target price. eBay mark up was often times twice or even 3 times as much. Buying an item from the real Missoni line would be cheaper, thus defeating the purpose of the Target partnership. Basically, it was a hot ass mess!

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It’s The Little Things…

This came in the mail and instantly brightened my day. Not only was this a Target Daily Deal (meaning I got it for a fraction of its advertised price + free shipping), but 15% of the sale goes to Breast Cancer Research; at least it’s supposed to. *side eye*

Quality makeup brushes can be expensive. I’m still in love with my Sonia Kashuk Highlighting brush (which I use as a stippling brush for my Revlon ColorStay Liquid Makeup), so I knew when the Daily Deal for the Sonia Kashuk “Circle Around A Cause” 6 Piece Set popped up, that I best jump on it! I knew I’d get some good brushes, and it comes with a cute case, and the brush bristles are PINK! How cute!

I haven’t decided how I’m going to use these brushes yet. Back when I was traveling a lot, I’d probably just make these my “travel set”. But now that I’m not going anywhere much anymore, they very well could be my base set.

The one thing I know I will do is wash these regularly! Ladies, you must wash your makeup brushes on a regular basis! I can’t stress that enough. You don’t wanna be putting germ-y things on & near your face, lips, eyes etc. If you’re unsure how to clean, watch the below video. I use the same method and my brushes look great!

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New External Hard Drive

I documented my troubles with my external hard drive earlier this fall, and it got me thinking. You can never have enough backups of your data.

Ask anyone who has had hard drive failure about that and you’ll get a similar answer. It only has to happen to you once before you start going out of your way to back up your pictures, video, audio etc.

I almost had a panic attack when I nearly lost all of my compiled data from the past 7 years. Immediately thereafter, I started keeping my eyes open for good deals on external hard drives. I already visit Slick Deals every day, and came close to purchasing a couple of drives around Black Friday, but I thought I could get a better deal if I waited it out a little.

Then came yesterday’s Target ad. I thought I was reading wrong! They were offering a 500GB external from Western Digital for $68! If you aren’t knowledgeable about externals, let me tell you that is an AMAZING deal from a very reputable company. Elsewhere, the same drive is over $100, and then you’d likely have to pay shipping as well.

After I spotted the deal, I checked out Slick Deals, and they already had a discussion up about it. It was then that I decided to go to Target right away and pick one up. It’s a great deal and quantities are limited. Not to mention the drive wasn’t offered on the Target website.

I’m going to use it to host backups of my website files, programs, audio, video, and pictures. It’s a just in case drive that won’t be used every day.

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Back On The Workout Train

I don’t know what was wrong with me last week. I all but lost my motivation to work out and only ended up doing 3 days instead of my usual 5-6.

Maybe it was my body’s way of protesting since it knew that I should have been in Santa Clara covering the Grand Prix meet. *sigh*

Well, I started fresh today and am back on track. I hope I don’t have many more funks like that! I’m about to start my running regimine for the season. I’ll probably be all over Cool Running’s ‘Couch-to-5K’ plan. It works extremely well with Robert Ullrey’s podcasts. He made them specifically for the Couch-to-5k program.

After running, I’m also looking for a few new workout vids. I’m pretty much over “The Firm”. They changed a great deal since I last bought a DVD and I’m not sure I’m feeling the new generation of workouts. They look kind of weak.

I’m looking at new Shock Training System from Cathe. I like the idea of doing a different workout every day so that your muscles are constantly shocked and don’t become accustomed to your routine. The only drawback to Cathe’s STS is that pricetag is steep (3 payments of $79.99 + s/h). I like Cathe, though. Her MuscleMax DVD is in my regular rotation.

I also have the full catalog of Turbo Jam workouts and am working my way through them. I really love TJ! They are the most fun cardio workouts I’ve ever done! I’m going to buy some weighted hand gloves to use with them. I saw some, for the first time, at Target Boutique the other week.

So that’s where I’m at right now with my workouts.

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