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I know I’m late on this, but I’ve been celebrating the Time Warner/Viacom deal since New Year’s.

No, not really. I’ve just been really busy and today’s my birthday!

But, on a serious note, I really am happy that my Comedy Central and Nick @ Nite weren’t taken away from me. I watch entirely too much South Park and stand up specials on Comedy Central, as well as Nick @ Nite for hours each night. Losing those channels would have absolutely KILLED me!

Thankfully, that didn’t happen as the 2 sides came to terms in the wee hours of the morning and the Viacom stations were never pulled. I wouldn’t know because I wasn’t home. But I did end up watching Nick@Nite until 5AM at my cousins’ house. I figured it would be my last time to watch my shows for a while.

Much like the teenagers likely saved CW for Time Warner customers, they’re crediting the urgency and turnaround of this deal to the parents of young children addicted to Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer. Aint life grand?

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More Time Warner Drama


Why is it that just when everything is going well, Time Warner has to go and mess things up?

Just a few months ago, I was without the CW Network because Time Warner didn’t want to meet and hammer out a new contract to carry LIN TV’s signal. Well, at least that’s how I understood what happened.

Well, now Time Warner has picked a fight with someone else; the big kid on the block. TW done gone and pissed off Viacom! Viacom owns networks like MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and a bunch of other networks.

Once again, Time Warner has failed in the negotiation room, at an impasse with Viacom over renewal terms. As a result, Viacom is set to pull its 19 channels Wednesday. Wednesday? Yea, that would be today!

Now, I always blame things on Time Warner because it’s a force of habit. They screwed up with the whole Big Ten Network deal, and I blame them for the CW situation.

However, after reading more about this particular situation with Viacom, I’m not so sure this is Time Warner’s fault. The LA Times also has a good piece up.

This just about sums things up

This just about sums things up

Viacom proposed a $.25ish increase, Time Warner said no. Now I know a lot of people are going to be like “it’s just 25 cents, what’s the big deal”, but maybe it’s the principle of the matter. Maybe TW doesn’t want to cave to anyone’s demands. Time Warner says their refusal of Viacom’s price increase was so they could fight for us, their customers. They felt the increase was too much given the economy, industry and its declining viewership numbers.

I don’t know if I believe that so much, as it’s never about us; it’s about their bottom line. Somewhere in those proposed terms must have been something about them receiving less money, or else they wouldn’t care so much. ‘Nawmean?

Anyway, I don’t care what they do, but I’m gonna need these two sides to come to terms ASAP! MTV, Nickelodeon (Nick @ Nite), and Comedy Central are channels I watch religiously. And I will be one pissed off black woman if they take my shit away!


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Time Warner Hates Their Subscribers

Columbus to soon be without the CW?

Columbus to soon be without the CW?

After having to wait a full year for Time Warner to do the right thing and add the Big Ten Network, it appears they’re trying to screw subscribers out of another channel they should have.

TW has a contract with Columbus’ local CW affiliate, WWHO-TV that is apparently going to expire on October 2nd. I discovered this while watching my daily late night dose of South Park on the network.

WWHO-TV is alleging that Time Warner has refused to negotiate a contract extension and that if they don’t get the job done in time, the CW will be dropped from Time Warner’s lineup of tv channels. That’s just 2 weeks away!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I view the CW as an essential basic network much like NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX. You know, the ones you should be able to get even without cable. So it strikes me as odd that Time Warner thinks so little of its paying customers in that respect.

I watch so few things on the CW, that I probably won’t be all that affected, but it sucks for those people who watch a lot of the network. Competitors are offering credits and other deals for TW customers looking to switch companies.

I think it’s really shitty of this big, bad cable company to continue to jerk people’s chains like this. Cable tv costs too much for them to be pulling this kind of crap. Very disappointed in Time Warner cable his year. Can’t treat customers like that an expect to stay in business. The threat of hoards of Ohioans jumping ship if the Big Ten Network wasn’t added scared the big wigs at Time Warner enough to get the deal done. I don’t know the power of the CW viewers, but if they can organize, TW may find itself in hot water once again!

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