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“Tell Me Why?”

Yea, I went there. Big whoop. Wanna fight about?

I can OFFICIALLY confirm that @NKOTB and @BackstreetBoys are going on tour Summer 2011! Info: Nov 03 15:39:47 via ƜberTwitter


New Kids on the Block were my first boy band crush. And after them, came my BSB phase. The only way this could get any sadder would be if NSYNC joined the bill. Do they not realize how sad this is?

Pour out a little liquor for my childhood. Y’all look so silly with this nonsense.

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Nikka Costa’s Back!

Pebble to a Pearl: In stores Oct. 14

Pebble to a Pearl: In stores Oct. 14

I love the artists that successfully mix pop, soul, blues, and funk together. I’ve been pimping Duffy for quite some time now and I’m going to spread the love to Nikka Costa now. I’m a longtime fan of Nikka’s. “Everybody Got Their Something” is still one of my favorite songs, not just by her, but by anyone! If you haven’t heard that song, click here. It’s good for you; I promise! You can also hear the track being used for “General Hospital” promos.

She recorded her new album, Pebble to a Pearl, in just 14 days on her new label Stax/Concord. I’m glad she’s signed elsewhere. Capitol Records just wasn’t getting it done. PTAP will be released on October 14, 2008, just missing the Grammy consideration deadline. Just kidding. It wouldn’t matter anyway. The Grammy Committee only likes soul singers who double as trainwrecks…

In the meantime, take a listen to her new single “Stuck to You” on the sidebar jukebox. The video has been shot and should be released soon. More info about Nikka can be found on her MySpace page.

She’ll be hitting the road soon, too! Catch those dates from MySpace as well. Seems like it’s very fashionable to believe the only real midwest market is Chicago. I’m not counting Milwaukee and Minny because they are relatively close to Chi-Town. Bottom line is if she weren’t playing Chicago, Milkwaukee and Minny wouldn’t be getting shows either. Thanks, Nikka! You and Duffy are killing me!

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Duffy Announces US Headlining Tour

Duffy covers Spin Magazine

Duffy covers Spin Magazine

So she does listen! Duffy has announced a US headlining tour that begins starts October 9. She will also do select dates opening for Coldplay.

I’m a little annoyed that her lone Ohio date is with Coldplay. I just want to see Duffy alone in a club show setting. Those are the best shows, IMO. The intimate show is way underrated if you ask me.

So not only will I have to shell out close to 4x times more $$ than a club show to see her (the good seats are $90!!), I’m also going to have to fight the Coldplay fans for tickets and they probably aren’t even going to show up for Duffy’s set. GRR! And seeing as how this tour stop was originally scheduled for July 6, I won’t be able to find anything good because the good ones are likely already gone.

So, my Duffy drought will continue.

I also wonder how many times she’s going to do shows in Chicago. Come on, Duffy! Spread the love! There are other cities in the midwest that would love to have you!

Duffy is currently on the cover of the SPIN Magazone (August 2008 issue). Read her cover story online.

Here’s the full list of Duffy’s dates:

10/9, San Diego, CA (Humphrey’s)
10/10, Los Angeles, CA (Orpheum)
10/16, Vancouver, B.C. (Orpheum)
10/17, Seattle, WA (Showbox SODO)
10/20, Chicago, IL (Riviera)
10/21, Cleveland, OH (Quicken Loans Arena)*
10/22, New York, NY (Webster Hall)
10/25, Mashantucket, CT (MGM Grand @ Foxwoods)
10/26, E. Rutherford, NJ (IZOD Center)*
10/27, E. Rutherford, NJ (IZOD Center)*
10/29, Boston, MA (TD Banknorth Garden)*
10/31, Washington, DC (Verizon)*
11/1, Philadelphia, PA (Wachovia Center)*

* w/ Coldplay

Also, look for a Duffy performance on the Late Show w/ David Letterman on September, followed by another TV appearance during CBS’ Fashion Rocks on September 9th.

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Time to go to another Concert!

I haven’t been to a concert since February. It’s been a pretty lean year by my standards that’s included little shopping, travelling, and concert-going. Those things are my life force, so it’s been rough.

The last concert I went to featured the wonderful Josh Kelley when he rolled through town this winter. He always puts on a great show. I also smuggled in my DSLR and got some decent shots. I love that!

So who am I going to see? Drumroll, please!


I haven’t seen Nessa in quite some time, so I welcomed the opportunity and I only have to travel 90 minutes south for it next week. I’ve been a VC fan since “A Thousand Miles”. Her upbringing mirrored mine with the piano and ballet lessons, so I always felt a connection. I love her new album Heroes & Thieves, and if you haven’t bought it, SHAME ON YOU!

I wonder if I’ll be able to sneak in my new lens, Bessie…

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Another Duffy Post

More pimpage for Welsh singer Duffy. I love her music and she’s so cute that I wish I could fold her up, put her in my pocket, and take her home. Lucky for her that I won’t get the chance.

She going to be doing some US dates this summer, with the closest to me being Lollapalooza in Chi-Town. I would consider driving there to see her, but not braving the Lollapalooza crowds. No spank you.

So, Duffy, I’m going to need you to do your own headlining club tour or something, kthx.

For the rest of you who may enjoy Duffy’s music, she will be performing on Leno Thursday. She’s already graced that stage, back in late April, but is scheduled for an encore this week. I guess it’s not a repeat or else it would be listed as one. I wonder what she’s going to perform…new single? Yay! Meanwhile, her Ellen Degeneres performance from May 16th will re-air on Wednesday. Friday, Duffy will perform live on MTV’s new show FN MTV; a show where they actually show music videos and other topics directly related to music. I know, I know. I’m shocked too!

And because I forgot to upload it, here’s her TRL appearance from last month. Enjoy!

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