As a self-confessed Twitter app addict, I of course, jumped at the opportunity to check out a new offering. This was especially true, given the hype from beta testers as well as the reputation of the devs.

I’m talking about Tweetbot, by Tapbots, if you haven’t heard.

After opening the app & putting in my Twitter login credentials, my first impression was “damn, this is a beautifully designed app!”. It’s clear a lot of thought was put into the the UI design and I appreciate it. Previously, I thought Twitterrific was the prettiest iPhone Twitter app. No more. Tweetbot now wears the crown!

I read the MacStories review before I even downloaded the app, so I knew the little intricacies beforehand. Long read, but extremely helpful!

I’m not going to go into detail, but I will give a list of things I did & did not like about Tweetbot. At the end, I’ll tell you if it’s my HG Twitter app, which earns a spot on the dock.