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Twitterrific vs. Tweetie; My Thoughts

It's pretty. It's oh so pretty!

It's pretty. It's oh so pretty!

Last night, the new version of Twitterrific hit the app store. The reason I knew was that it was a top trend on Twitter right as I was heading to bed. That doomed me, of course, because I spent the next hour and a half playing with Twitterrific.

When I first got my iPhone and decided to get into Twitter, Twitterrific was the first app I downloaded. I thought it was ok. Nothing spectacular. It was free and did what it promised. But as I quickly grew addicted to Twitter, I started making other accounts to coincide with some of my other websites and blogs. At that point, Twitterrific didn’t support multiple accounts, so that was the end of my affair with the app. No hard feelings whatsoever.

My research led me to Twittelator Pro or Tweetie. After a few days of research, I purchased Tweetie and haven’t looked back…until last night!

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Twitter Me!

Doesn’t that sound dirty? Well, it’s not, so get your heads out of the gutter!

I recently started Twittering for some of my websites, then thought, “why not a personal account too”? So, I’m starting to get into it. It’s like Facebook status messages, except better. It’s also a great research tool if you’re looking for answers to problems or even the latest news; as it’s starting to break on Twitter before the more traditional news media picks it up.

I’m using the iPhone app Tweetie for my multiple Twitter account needs. So, if you’re on Twitter and would like another person to follow, check me out!

When I’m able to run again, I’ll probably have more updates on podcasts and running on there than I will here since Twitter is about short messages AKA “microblogging”.

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