Yay! The new TV season is upon us!

I get to sort out what I will and won’t be watching.

8:00 PM – Dancing with the Stars
I don’t know why, but I absolutely love Kim Kardashian. This is one of those things that I can’t explain, but wish I could. She’s just so fabulous and I love her E! reality show. I’m watching to see if homegirl’s got any moves! Actually, I’ll probably DVR it and watch later. I eat dinner late-ish!

9:00 PM – Two & A Half Men
I’ll take a break from DWTS to watch “Two & A Half Men”. The best sitcom on TV, I’ve loved it since episode one. Great writing and great cast!

10:00 PM – The Hills (duh)
The season’s been airing for a month or so now, so I’m already have it on my tv viewing schedule. Actually, to be fair, I probably will probably DVR the show and watch it at 11:30. I tend to go for my late-night run around 9:30-9:45. So by the time I’m done, The Hills would definitely be off.