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Is ABC About to Save ‘Ugly Betty’?

Ugly BettyI’ve been none too pleased that one of my favorite shows, Ugly Betty, has been banished to Fridays this fall. We all know that Friday is where TV shows go to die. There are rumors that this could be UB’s final season and being on Friday wasn’t exactly the vote of confidence fans of the show would like.

While the show could still end in the spring, ABC is apparently about to rescue Ugly Betty from its 9PM Friday slot. When new episodes start up again in January, the show will air on Wednesdays after two of my fave new sitcoms Modern Family and Cougar Town!

This is also good news because this season has been really good. Hopefully the comedy lead-ins will lead to an increase in viewership/ratings for UB. My Wednesday TV viewing is already complicated as I try to catch South Park, Glee and Law & Order: SVU, but thank goodness for the internet!

In closing, I must say: “Hallelujah! Thanks, ABC!”

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Wow, TV Not What I Expected

I was all giddy for TV this week, but I’m not as busy or excited as I thought I’d be!

Tuesday was pretty blah. I didn’t watch anything until 9 PM when Making the Band came on. My conflict for the night was at 10PM when the Rachel Zoe project and Law & Order: SVU came on. Not to mention that 10 PM is my workout timeslot for that day. So I had my DVD recorder set for SVU while my computer capped Rachel Zoe. Problem solved.

Yesterday I watched NOTHING! There was absolutely nothing on that I wanted to see. I’m not sure if that’s because shows I wanted to see weren’t back on TV yet or if that’s my “dead night”, but I was away from the TV.

Tonight, the only thing I’ll be watching is Ugly Betty. Then I’ll watch some college football and do my strength training workout. When Kath & Kim premieres in 2 weeks, I will absolutely be watching that. It looks hilarious! But because it airs at 8:30, that’ll be a show I record and watch at 9, after Ugly Betty goes off.

On Friday, I think I’ll stick with “What Not To Wear” until “The Starter Wife” starts on USA. I love me some Debra Messing, so no way I’m missing that. Friday has been a dead night for a long time. I kind of long for the old days of TGIF. Y’all know what I mean! Shows like “Family Matters”, “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”, “Perfect Strangers”, “Boy Meets World”, “Step by Step” and those classic ABC shows. Ahhh, the good ol’ days!

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