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Still Testing Out WordPress 2.7

I’m still testing the waters with the new WordPress 2.7. No, not on this blog yet, but I’m sure that time will come sooner rather than later.

I have a brand new blog I installed 2.7 on and on Fergie Fan, an ancient installation of WP (1.0.2), that I upgraded to 2.7 yesterday. The sites like the 2 I’ve already upgraded are the ones that don’t rely heavily on plugins, so I don’t have any issues.

Seeing as how my Fergie Fan installation was so out-of-date, I didn’t realize all the freakin’ spam comments I had on there. It was 2,000+!! I was thisclose to pulling up phpMyAdmin and deleting the comments that way, then I realized that WP 2.7 has really nifty keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation built in. I thought I’d test it out and it’s pretty damn cool! It took me less than 5 minutes to delete all those comments, and I only had to use 3 fingers! No mouse clicking or anything!

I realize that I won’t have that issue with most of my sites as I either don’t get many comments, or have made the decision to close commenting all together, but color me impressed!

For the time being, I’m going to install my must-have plugins on my two 2.7 blogs to see if they’re compatible. There are probably about 5-10 that I refuse to upgrade without, so those will be first!

I already know that the amazing All in One SEO Pack works from viewing the WordPress 2.7 Compatibility List, so that’s one I don’t need to test. Here are some other plugins I use that are good to go: FeedBurner FeedSmith, Google XML Sitemaps, NextGEN Gallery, Dagon Design Site Map Generator, and Share This. It’s just a few, so I have my testing cut out for me because I use a helluva lot more plugins than that!

ETA: As I test them out, I will list what plugins work on WP2.7 for me, below.
FavIcon Manager, WP Easy Uploader, Search Permalink, WordTube, and AmazonSimpleAdmin work on 2.7 too. Viper’s Video Quicktags appears to sort of work on 2.7. I tried it out with YouTube, MySpace, Dailymotion, Google, and Generic video links. It worked for all of them except my generic MPEG. I’ll post another update tomorrow after I try out some more plugins.

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WordPress 2.7 Is Out!

I’m such a web geek that I’m actually pretty excited about the new version of WordPress being released. WordPress owns me. Every blog that I own (and that’s quite a few) runs on WordPress. I think it’s such an amazing platform for blogging.

Not only that, but they’re constantly in search of user feedback for ways to make it more user-friendly and improved. Most free software developers only update when they have to. You know, like when there are security issues and what not. WordPress is not like that. They do the security upgrades, but they really just want the user blogging experience to go as smoothly as possible.

I started another blog — I know, you’re all shocked — where I’m going to take my general music pimping, so it won’t be here as much. I installed the new version of WordPress on there to get used to it before I upgrade the rest of my blogs. The newly released version is a MAJOR upgrade for WP, so I’m worried about my plugins and themes being compatible. As soon as all the kinks are worked out, and some of my plugins are updated, I’ll likely move everything over.

But for now, I’m loving the new user interface. I’m looking forward to getting the hang of this new WP and I hope the process is without incident!

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WordPress Growth

WordPress + Me = BFFs

WordPress + Me = BFFs

Over the years, I have grown with WordPress. Used to be that they’d release new versions, or something would go horribly awry on one of my sites, and I would make a bee line to cutenews (ew).

Or, I would find a version I liked, and stick with it like it was going out of style. I held off upgrading to 2.5 for a really long time because it was such a drastic change from the 2.3.3 I loved and adore. Some of my sites still run on it, but mostly becaues I just haven’t gotten around to upgrading. I’ve slowly come around and now I adore the new and improved WordPress.

Back in the day, when you had a problem — and tried to get it answered on the official forums — you’d almost be mocked, lectured, and laughed off the site if your site didn’t validate or if it wasn’t compatible with all browsers. The “help” over there were snobs to the nth power. The support forum posters weren’t very welcoming and tended to talk down to people who weren’t as web/tech savvy as they. Experiences like that also led me to stick to my old versions.

Time has changed a lot! After upgrades, I always run into problems with my installs. Little things here or there, but the WordPress community is a wonderful resource to get solutions to your problems. In the past week, I’ve sought answers to upgrade issues and solved them within minutes. And all it took was a search of the forums.

It’s also refreshing because if I run into the problem again, I now know what to do in order to fix it.

If you’re using anything other than WordPress, I highly suggest you jump on the bandwagon. It really is the shizz. Better than any other blogging platform out there, and I’ve used a lot of them in the past 8 years!

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