There are literally dozens (probably more) of websites that claim to save you money. Some do it by gathering coupon codes, others allow you to get freebies through a reward program. Ebates and some banks pay you cash back. In these tough economic times we take whatever we can get, am I right?

But if you’re young, what about a program that takes your savings and puts them in a college account? It’s not something that was around when I was younger, but geez could your girl have used something like that!

How it works is you sign up for a free account with Then you can make online purchasing through their website, eat at select restaurants, shop at your favorite grocery store… you know every day stuff you’d probably be doing anyway. You’ll get “cash back” from your shopping and it’ll go into your Upromise account where later, you can use it to pay off college loans, put it in a savings account, or simply request a check.

When you log onto their website, you can immediately check out upromise online coupons to help you on your quest for savings. Like I said, who doesn’t like to save money? Say you shop frequently at Walmart, then you head to that section in order to find Walmart coupons. Having an easy-to-find place for deals helps the process.

I really like the emphasis on saving for college, even if you’re not the one going. You could also set it up for a child’s college plans. And even if college isn’t what you plan on using Upromise for, putting away savings for a rainy day or future project is always a good thing! I definitely need to do more of that!

This is just one way to save $$. What are some online programs you use to help stretch your dollars? I’m always looking for new tools to help preserve my hard earned money!